Introducing “Glowing Gazelles” and Upcoming Giveaway Info

Glowing Gazelles

Several months ago I mentioned that I wanted to get back to more of the type of writing that I had originally been sharing on Coupon Geek. I started down this path again but it had been so long since I had focused on writing that the things I wanted to share just didn’t quite feel like they were the right fit here.

Over the past few months I’ve been working with my super amazing tech guy, Zack, on creating a place that felt more like “home” for these things. While he worked on the design layout, I was working on what I wanted this new site to be. The name was easy as it was something dear to me from awhile back. Want to know how “Glowing Gazelles” came to be? You can read all about it in this posting. For those of you that have been with me for a very long time, you might just remember me mentioning it a long, long time ago.

While I don’t want to back the new site into a corner of what it *has* to be, here are some of the things you will see posted there in the beginning:

*Fitness – Finding ways to move towards a healthier and happier way of life
*Finances – Tips and articles on making the most of your money
*Food – Tips on freezer cooking and just some great food recipes
*Family – Oh how I miss sharing ideas for inexpensive family fun!
*Faves – All the things I’ve found that I’ve come to love
*Fun – A misc of things like gardening, birthday party ideas, educational tips, etc.

One of the first series I am going to tackle is one near and dear to my heart: Learning about Organics. So many of us want to buy foods that are healthier but understanding it all seems like an impossible task. While I’m anything but an expert, I will share what I’ve learned so far and how you can find out even more.

So while I may have been a little more quiet here lately, you can now see why. I’ve been putting my free time into planning this next adventure that I can’t wait to take with you. I’ve posted a few articles already but I didn’t want to share too much as I want you to be able to watch the site grow from the start, just like a lot of you did with Coupon Geek.

Don’t worry, Coupon Geek isn’t going anywhere. Glowing Gazelles is just another branch of information for you where I’ll be posting just a few times a week. So if you follow via Email, RSS or Facebook, know that you won’t be overloaded with posts. :)

And to celebrate this newest adventure, I am going to be sharing giveaways all week long here on Coupon Geek. I’m hoping that you’ll keep watching for them and that you’ll truly enjoy reading Glowing Gazelles on a regular basis!

Thank You….

Thank you to all the American heroes everywhere–Those that have given their lives for our country and those that continue to make daily sacrifices for our freedom.

Coupon Geek’s 4 Year Blogiversary!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 4 years since I first started the blog Coupon Geek. It was just a personal blog where I shared deals I was finding with my family and friends so I could quit overloading their email inboxes. Jump ahead 4 years and there’s more than 60,000 of you here as readers. I’m just in shock daily that so many of you continue to share your lives with me.

While blogging can be a juggling act sometimes, balancing family time and blog time, it’s something that you gradually learn how to handle with time. This doesn’t mean that it’s always a perfect balance, but just one that’s a little easier. After my first year, I almost gave up the blog world as I was struggling with that balance then. But I was very fortunate to have several blog friends that helped me find my way. I’m sharing this in case there are any new bloggers that stop by. Don’t ever think that you are the only one that struggles with this–almost every blogger I’ve talked to has been almost overwhelmed with the juggling.

I get asked quite often by new bloggers for advice. And here’s what I usually tell them:

1) Always treat your readers the way you’d want to be treated if you were following a blog. Keep in mind their time is precious and always be honest with them–even when you make a mistake! We are human and mistakes happen. Readers are incredibly forgiving.

2) Always live up to the promises that you make to your sponsors/advertisers. It’s the best way to build up relationships with them. But at the same time, only accept sponsors/advertisers that are truly the right fit for your readers.

3) Never let it stop being fun. Blog from the heart and if your passions change, it doesn’t mean your blog can’t. Always be who you are. If you feel it has stopped being fun, give yourself a little break as sometimes we fall into a “funk” and just need time away.

And to my readers I just want to extend a big thank you for continuing to support Coupon Geek after all these years! You are all truly a blessing to me and I’m so thankful that you choose to spend your time with me. I’ll continue to keep finding you deals, coupons, freebies, etc to help you save some money and fill up those mailboxes with goodies.

I was hoping to have a celebratory giveaway today but timing is just off this week for me as I’ve been focusing on preparing for back-to-school time. (I can’t believe it’s already here!!) But make sure you check back next week as I’ll have a bigger giveaway and an announcement of something very new!

Many thanks again for a wonderful four years!


Jaycie aka “Coupon Geek”

Several Free eBooks

Here are some free ebooks:

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Circle of Friends Cookbook – 25 Burger Recipes

The Ultimate Healthy Snacks List

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Don’t forget you can also check the Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks. Watch though, as some are only free for Prime Members.

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