Survey Sites: Toluna

Over the new few weeks, I’ll be sharing some Survey sites that are out there that you can consider signing up for to earn a little extra money or some rewards. Several people use survey sites as ways to bank month for vacations, gifts, restaurant outings and of course, to pay off debt. Before I started this website, I used surveys as a way to help pay off our debt. I would spend just a little bit of time each day taking surveys from various sites.

Toluna is a survey site that pays you points worth $1 to $5 for surveys that you qualify for and complete. You can also earn by taking polls and sharing your opinions. Each time that you complete a survey, you’ll be entered into their monthly $4,500 prize draw. Some surveys earn you money, while others earn you entries into sweepstakes.

I haven’t personally tried Toluna but I have seen decent reviews from other readers and bloggers.

Facebook: Fan Pages and View Changes

Some of you might have noticed that Facebook has made an update not only to the personal pages but now to fan pages. You may not be seeing all of the people and pages that you “Like” or are friends with. Here’s how to fix that:

1) Go to Most Recent, which will be on your Home Page towards the top of the page.

2) Click on Edit Options.

3) You can decide here if you just want friends/pages you interact with most or to see all friends/pages.

Thanks to Rose Knows Coupons for this info and pictures!

Also, I just wanted to give you all a “heads up” that they have modified the look of Fan Pages. I haven’t switched mine over just yet. But it sounds like the new look will go into place for all pages on 3/10/11. The tabs will become links on the left side, the overall look will be different and they also give the owners of fan pages a few more options of interacting with their readers and on other pages.

So you’ll be seeing that change soon. I just didn’t want to spring it on you without warning.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you that are Facebook users that have “Liked” the Coupon Geek Fan Page. I am a big fan of Facebook as it helps keep me in the loop with my family and friends and it’s also a great way to chat with all of my CG Reader Friends. So thank you for joining me there. Also, thank you for taking the time to “Like” certain deals/coupons/freebies as I share them as it helps me keep track of what I need to look for more of when I search for things to post each day. It’s been fun chatting with you there and I’ll continue to do my best to stay active on the page.

Mark Your Calenders: Full Moon Walk This Weekend

I’ve mentioned these before and you all seem to like the reminders so here’s the latest one: Saturday, June 26th is another Full Moon and just the right time for a “Full Moon Walk.” We have done two of these with our kids so far and they love them!

The idea comes from the book, ” Walk When the Moon Is Full. This is a very old book and actually very hard to find in most libraries. It’s written by a Mother who shares the adventures her and family had each time the moon was full when they’d go on their “Full Moon Walks.”

I’m hoping the weather will be nice enough for all of you to enjoy some family time outside exploring. More than likely, the moon will be just as full Friday night, too, if that night works out better.

Some items to consider for your walk:

*Flashlights – Even though you’ll be in well-lit areas, the kids think these are fun and you never know when you might need one. (My kids have the Handy Manny “Flicker the Flashlight” and they love bringing that with us.)

*Mosquito Repellent – You may want to use some on children that are old enough to wear it.

*Small snacks and water

*Small Blanket and/or spare jackets – You never know when a chill might creep up in the weather. Also, you might find a nice spot to just sit and stare at the moon and stars with the kids.

*Bag(s) for carrying found treasures

*Camera – Take lots of pictures for a memory book of each walk

Disclaimer: Use your best judgment and all safety requirements when walking outside. Only walk in safe neighborhoods, wear clothing that can be visible to others and even though you’ll be exploring, try to stay in well-lit areas.

Checking Clearance Areas at Target

Any time you are at Target, you may want to take an extra minute and check out their clearance area by their food/groceries section. Several times now, I’ve found items on clearance that I’ve had a coupon to match up with. My latest find? Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis.

These were marked down to just $.98. Well, I had a couple $.50 Off Warm Delights Coupons from Target’s site (still available) and some $.75 Off ones from when they were on just this last week. (not available now)

So if you printed those, you may want to see if your Target has any clearanced, too. I was able to get four boxes for $1.42 total. (About $.36 each.) So we have little cakes ready to add some ice cream to for some quick ice cream ala mode! The kids just love these!

I typically use the whole insert couponing method, but I’m starting to clip more items that I think I’ll use before I file them.

Matching coupons with clearance sales is a great way to stretch your money even farther. Were you able to find anything great at any store’s clearance section? I love hearing about your finds, so feel free to leave a comment with your stories.

Ways to Earn Extra SwagBucks

When I was chatting with some readers, a lot of them didn’t know about these ways to earn some extra SwagBucks, so I thought I’d share them for everyone.

Ways to Earn Extra SwagBucks

1) Download the SwagBucks toolbar. Each morning when you login, you’ll receive Free SwagBucks. It’s typically just one, but that adds up to 30-31 free SwagBucks a month for doing basically nothing.

2) Once you download the SwagBucks toolbar, keep your eye on the “From TSG” envelope on it. I always keep mine at (0) now so I can tell when a new one pops-up. From time to time, they’ll add a free code in there worth various points. These only last a few hours so you have to be quick.

3) Take the Daily Polls. Under “Ways to Earn” select Daily Polls. There’s a question there that takes all of 10 seconds to answer and you’ll receive a SwagBuck for voting.

4) View No Obligation Offers. Under “Ways to Earn” select “Special Offers.” When that screen pops up, click on “Go Now” under “View Our No Obligation Offers and Win SwagBucks” off to the right. They’ll show you some offers, but you can simply skip past them, if they don’t interest you. After viewing a few, they’ll give you another free SwagBuck.

5) Check the “Swidget” for a Special Code. You’ll find this under “Promote” and Widget, if you want to add it to Facebook, Twitter, etc. But you can find it, for right now, on my blog on my right sidebar. Click on the “SC” button to see if there’s a Special Code at that time. They are randomly there and I’ll post about when I see there’s a code there.

6) Follow SwagBucks on Twitter, Facebook and their blog. They’ll often mention when they’ve hidden a code somewhere for Free SwagBucks.

7) Make sure you do your online searches with them, especially on Fridays. Fridays are “Mega SwagBucks Days” and your chances of winning higher amounts are increased.

These are the extra ways to earn SwagBucks that should earn you at least 100 extra SwagBucks a month. Remember, it only takes 450 SwagBucks to get a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

Not signed up for SwagBucks yet? You can sign-up and get 30 Free SwagBucks just for joining when you go through this link. You’ll earn SwagBucks for doing your online searches through them, along with finding free codes and the ways I mentioned above. It’s a great way to earn gift cards or other prizes throughout the year. They are my favorite free online program.

UPDATE: Several of my readers have added comments that they have had really good luck earning extra SwagBucks for doing the surveys. Thanks for sharing!

Also, don’t forget to add your birthdate to your account as they’ll give you 50 Free SwagBucks for your birthday!

More Ways to Save Money, Earn Money and Find Coupons!

I’ve gotten quite a few new readers lately and I wanted to share some of   the places that you can register at for free and get some freebies and/or coupons and also share a few ways to earn a little money or rewards:

P&G Everyday Solutions – Join to Get Free Samples and Coupons on P&G Products You Know and Love

Baby Center – Get BabyCenter’s free email newsletters that allow you to track your baby’s development week by week and includes articles on important health and safety topics handpicked for your particular stage of pregnancy. You’ll also receive valuable coupons, sale notices, and free offers from BabyCenter and their partners.

Dollar General Savings Zone – Get member only perks, specials, and more!

Home Depot Garden Club – Sign-up to get several coupons, specials and savings throughout the year on gardening things and savings at Home Depot.

Home Made Simple – Sign up for Home Made Simple newsletter and be among the first to know about special offers, samples, coupons, and sweepstakes offers from brands like Cascade, Dawn, Febreze, Mr. Clean, and Swiffer.

Vocal Point – This is one of my favorite freebie sites and I’ve gotten several free samples and high-value coupons from them.

Some of the other free programs that I often share free codes for are Pampers Gift to Grow, Huggies Enjoy the Rides and Juicy Rewards from Tropicana. You’ll often get freebies just from finding free codes online.

Great Coupon Sites to Check Daily: Coupons.comRedPlum and Smart Source. Also, Target has several coupons on their own site. Note: Some of Target’s are store coupons, while others are manufacturer coupons. You can also sign-up for coupons to be added to your store loyalty cards (of select stores) through Cellfire. UPromise is another place you can load your shopping loyalty cards to but with this one, you’ll earn money for college just from the purchases that you make.

Shop Online Much? Then you’ll want to sign-up for eBates and ShopAtHome. You’ll get $5 added to your account when you sign-up through those links. Search for the stores you shop at most to get Cash Back added to your accounts on your purchases.
Need to earn money? Two of the survey sites I recommend the most to  my readers for surveys are MySurvey and MyPoints. Others some of my readers have mentioned are: Ipso I-say, and Toluna. They’ve also earned money through the National Consume Panel Homescan by Nielsen. (If you get into taking a lot of surveys, you may want to download something like Roboform that populates information for you quickly to speed up the process.) (Read more about surveys on this link.)

And my favorite free online place to join is SwagBucks. Use code SUMMEROFSWAG through June 11, 2010 to get 50 SwagBucks added to your account. You’ll earn SwagBucks for doing online searches through them, finding free codes and more. Turn these in for prizes or gift cards for places like Amazon or even Southwest Air.

Don’t forget to check out my Couponing Basics and Coupon Class Materials for more info on couponing and how some store deals work. Also, I did an entire series in May of 2009 on 31 Ways to Save on Your Grocery Budget that might help you save money. Lastly, several of my readers have found some of my postings on Freezer Cooking to be money-savers, as well.

I hope that you’ll find more ways to save some money, earn coupons and even maybe earn some prizes or money with some of these programs or resources!

Plan Your Full Moon Walk Tonight

Photo Credit: Coupon Geek

Tonight’s a Full Moon. That means you can get in a “Full Moon Walk” with your family. We did this last year and had a lot of fun.

I read about the idea on Money Saving Maine-ac. Teresa started this tradition with her family after reading Walk When the Moon Is Full by Francis Hamerstrom. It’s an older book and some libraries don’t carry it. When I looked at pricing, I couldn’t find it under $30 last year. (luckily my library was able to get me a copy) Surprising, there are some sellers on Amazon that have it for $10 or so shipped right now. I picked up a copy to put with the photo album I’m making for the kids in hopes that they’ll also carry on the tradition with their families.

My kids get a kick out of seeing how the world looks through the light of the moon. And my son loves playing with the flashlights and exploring.

If you do venture out, make sure that you always use your best judgment to keep yourself and your family safe. I’m hoping you’ll make some fun memories, too. I’ll share some pictures of ours later this week. I’m so excited that the weather is finally warm enough to do this again!