Recyclebank: Earn another 100 Points – Save up for Gift Cards!

Time to earn another 100 points through the time capsule on Recycle Bank as they’ve opened up the ’00s part of it.


Remember, you can save up and turn in for several gift card options at 2,500 Points – Sometimes they have one posted for 1,750 Points for a $5 Amazon Gift Card.

Recyclebank: Earn 100 More Points through Time Capsule

Recyclebank has opened up the 90s part of their Time Capsule so you can try to earn another 100 Points.


Remember, you can save up and turn in 1,750 Points for a $5 Amazon Gift Card as they’ve added it back to the Rewards Catalog.

Recyclebank: Earn 100 More Points via Time Capsule

Recyclebank has opened up the 80s section of the points-earning time capsule. You can earn up to 100 more points again.


Save up your points and turn them in for rewards, such as a $5 Amazon Gift Card for 1,750 points.

Recycle Bank: 100 Free Points Via Time Capsule


Throughout April Recycle Bank is going to add a new decade to their Time Capsule where you can go weekly to collect new points – up to 500 for the month!

This week, the time capsule is open for the 70s.

So make sure you take a few minutes to earn those 100 points.


Remember, you can turn in 2,500 points for a $10 Walmart, Best Buy or Applebee’s Gift Card.

30 Free Recyclebank Points

You can earn another 30 Recycle Bank Points for taking a quiz on recycling.

I try to save up my recycle bank points throughout the year and turn them in for a gift card, such as Walmart, Amazon, etc.

Not signed up yet? It’s free to join!

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Recyclebank: Earn 40 More Points!


You can earn another fairly quick 40 Points via Recyclebank when you take a quiz. Here’s how to find it:

1) Log-in to Recyclebank. If you haven’t joined, it’s free to sign-up.
2) Go to the “Earn Points” tab.
3) Scroll down and look on the left side for the “Earn Greens” listed in the sidebar and click on “Earn Now.” It will look like this:


4) Take the 4-question quiz and you’ll earn 10 points with each one answered/pledged.

Thanks, Money Saving Maine-ac!


I’ve been saving my points for that $5 Amazon Gift Card that you can get at 1,750 points that I’ll use towards some household items or Organic products. It doesn’t take too long for the points to add up as they offer new point-earning options quite often.

Recyclebank: 100 More Free Points!

You can earn a fairly quick 100 Points by learning about aluminum on Recycle Bank.

Remember, they have lots of rewards to turn your points in for, such as a $5 Amazon Gift Card at 1,750. The points can start to add up fairly quick!

It’s free to join if you haven’t already!