Recycle Bank: Earn 25 More Free Points!

You can earn another 25 Free Points for Recycle Bank when you learn about the Florida Keys Natural Resources.

They do have gift card options that you can turn your points in for at stores like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.

Recyclebank: Earn 150 More Free Points!

You can earn 150 more Free Recycle Bank points when you learn how to green your summer.

Remember, you can save up your points towards gift cards to places such as Amazon, Walmart, etc. The gift card options change off and on.

Recyclebank: Earn 270 More Points

You can learn about the origins of paper and how to use it responsibly at home on Recyclebank and earn up to 270 Recyclebank points.

Remember, you can save up your Recyclebank Points and turn them in for gift cards.

Recyclebank: 150 More Free Points

Learn a new approach to paper and you’ll be able to earn 150 more Free Points on Recyclebank.

Remember that you can save up and turn your points in for gift cards! The gift cards available can vary from time to time. Right now, there’s a $5 one for Amazon, Starbucks or CVS for 1,500 and a few more at 2,500.

Recyclebank: More Free Points via Eco Time Capsule Wrap-Up

For those of you collecting Recyclebank points, you can get additional points via their Eco Time Capsule Wrap-Up.

You should all be well on your way to some great rewards if you took part of this time capsule that they had over the last month. (You can still grab those points if you haven’t yet!) Save up your points for gift cards that will pop-up again soon!

Recyclebank: 60 More New Points!

Here are a few more ways to earn points on Recycle Bank:

30 Points through learning about sustainable sourcing

30 more Points through learning how sustainable ingredients can be delicious

Don’t forget to grab all the points in the time capsule before it’s gone, too!

You can save up for gift cards to places like Walmart, Applebee’s and they sometimes have gift cards to Amazon, too!

Recyclebank: Earn another 100 Points – Save up for Gift Cards!

Time to earn another 100 points through the time capsule on Recycle Bank as they’ve opened up the ’00s part of it.


Remember, you can save up and turn in for several gift card options at 2,500 Points – Sometimes they have one posted for 1,750 Points for a $5 Amazon Gift Card.