Recyclebank: 100 Free Points!

You can earn 100 Free Recyclebank Points when you learn what to look for when you shop.

I’ve saved these up in the past for coupon savings, restaurant savings and even gift cards!

Recyclebank: 25 Free Points

You can get 25 Free Points from Recyclebank when you take a quiz on how healthy and eco-friendly are related.

I’ve saved up my points in the past for gift cards, coupon savings and discounts at restaurants.

110 Free Recyclebank Points

You can earn 100 Free Recyclebank Points by learning how to reuse some items.

You can also earn 10 Free Recyclebank Points by reading some eco-friendly tips.


Right now they have a few offers for Burger King and Gap. You can earn gift cards when you register a credit card and make a purchase at either place.

Not signed up yet? It’s free to join!

Recyclebank Reward: Earn $2 Amazon Gift Card with $10 Burger King Purchase


Recyclebank has a reward offer for 20 points for a $2 Amazon Gift Card when you spend $10 at Burger King.

There are so many ways right now to earn those 20 points so if haven’t signed up yet (free to join) you should be able to earn them fairly fast.

To earn the gift card, you’ll need to purchase the offer. They’ll have you link up a debit/credit card and add your email address. Once you make the $10 purchase at Burger King, they’ll email you the $2 Amazon Gift Card promotional offer.

You’ll have until 2/11/14 to use the offer.

Recycle Bank: 150 Free Points!

You can read up on disposable coolers and other plastics and earn yourself an additional 150 Recycle Bank Points.

I’ve saved up mine in the past for gift cards to places like Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy. Great way to add a little extra income to your year!

30 Free Recyclebank Points

You can learn about how to reduce your greenhouse gas footprint and earn yourself 30 Free Recyclebank Points.

If you haven’t signed-up yet, it’s free to join if you haven’t already. I like to save up my points and turn them in for gift cards. The gift cards that are available can change but in the past I’ve earned some for Walmart and Amazon.

Recyclebank: Earn Another 160 Points!

You can earn 150 Recyclebank Points by learning about proper glass usage.

You can also earn another 10 Recyclebank Points by learning about recycling glass.

I hope you are all taking advantage of these Recyclebank offers. They don’t take long to earn the points and you can save up for gift cards to places like Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, etc. The gift card reward options will pop-up randomly throughout the months so you’ll have to watch for them.