Free Recyclebank Points – Earn up to 85 More!

Here are a few ways you can earn more free Recyclebank points this week:

Play games and learn about recycling everyday plastics and earn up to 60 Points!

Earn up to 25 Points for learning about recycling metal cans.

For a limited time only, you can redeem your Recyclebank points for a one-year subscription of Cosmopolitan magazine for 120 points, instead of the usual 240 points.

Recyclebank: 50 Free Points!

Some more ways to earn free points from Recyclebank:

25 Free Points for learning about “Phantom Foliage”

25 Free Points for learning about the real impact of energy consumption

Not signed up yet? It’s free to join! I save up my points throughout the year and turn them in for a free gift card whenever they pop up. It’s like getting free money just for taking a few minutes for learning about ways to recycle and be more “green.”