Dash and Dine: Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches

Dash and Dine are quick little recipes. I make these with my little sandwich maker machine. I bought mine on clearance at JCPenney but Amazon has a similar one here I also have the three plates but have never tried the griddle pieces.

Here’s the recipe:
Shredded Cheese
Chicken Chunks
Bacon Ranch Salad Dressing

I add a little butter to my sandwich plates and place the bread on. I toss on some shredded cheese, the chicken chunks, salad dressing and more shredded cheese and top with the second piece of bread. Great sandwiches in minutes. The best part is, toddlers can pick them up so easy! (after cooling!)

For a healthier version, be sure to use Whole Wheat bread and low/no fat cheese and salad dressing.

For the chicken chunks: Whenever I buy boneless/skinless chicken breasts, I cook some up right away. I spray a cookie sheet, set the oven to 350 and cook the chicken for 1 hour, flipping halfway through. I allow them to cool and then cut them up in either chunks or strips and store them in Ziploc freezer bags. They are great to quickly add to pastas, salads and sandwiches. Either defrost in the fridge in the morning or use your microwave to defrost.


Cutting Costs: Freezing Corn

One thing we look forward to each summer is corn-on-the-cob from our local farmer’s market. I always wished I could have this flavor of corn all year round. While searching for farmer’s markets in our area, I found this fabulous article on how to freeze corn. I thought to myself, why not?

I picked up 4 dozen ears of corn and started off on the adventure. Nathan had a good time “helping” me husk some of the ears. (I turned my back for a second and he had started munching on some, though!) :) All in all, the process wasn’t too bad. I wasn’t able to get a FoodSaver machine (We’re on a budget!) so I invested in a Handi-Vac by Reynolds. They run about $9 or less and the bags are around $2 each. How simple are they to use? I let Nathan use it to suction out the last bag. I was very impressed with it. I’ll have to see how well it keeps things from getting freezer burnt. I plan on using this for everything I freeze now! The bags cost around the same price as regular freezer storage bags.

How much of a savings? Well, it was hard to put an exact dollar on this. I lost some from Nathan stealing it and feeding it to the dogs but overall, I ended up with about 24-12oz bags of frozen corn. I did leave some ears for lunch/supper. So in the end, I think I saved about $15 with just this one batch. (I figured low, getting the 12oz bags on sale for $1 in the store.) If I would have done this without Nathan, I probably could have gotten a few more bags but we had so much fun that I didn’t care about our “losses.”

But overall, can you really put a price on farm-tasting corn year-round? I am looking forward to adding some of this to our Taco Chili recipe that we make on the first kick-off game of the Bears!