Marching Into Fitness: “Time For 10″

One of the mistakes that I found that I made in my perception of exercise is that in order to get that 30 minutes of daily exercise that they recommend, that I had to do it in one big chunk. But when the day is over and I’ve taken care of the kids, my house and my blog, I was lucky to find 5 minutes, let alone 30. And when I did find that 30 minutes, I wanted to relax with a book or catch up on the 100 shows that I’ve missed that were quickly filling up our DVR.

But then I began to realize that any exercise was better than nothing at all. Yet, there was still that struggle of, “When do I have the time?” I kept missing the obvious—kids love to play—and playtime is exercise!

So for the last month or two, I’ve been doing this little thing twice a day with the kids that we call our “Time for 10.” I set our microwave timer for 10 minutes and we get in some form of exercise–even if it’s just enough to get our hearts pumping a little bit faster. Oh, and when that timer goes off, they bat their cute little eyes and sweet talk me with “5 more pwease!” Funny thing how just by doing these two little segments, I can easily get in 30 minutes a day.

We first started off with “crazy laps.” One of the floors of our house has three rooms connected with the same wall and it forms a square. So you can walk through all three rooms without having to use any doors. So when that timer starts, we run. And we giggle. And we jog. And sometimes we even have a silly hopping lap. And let me tell you, my son is a speed runner. It’s everything I can do not to let him tag me or run me over. And when I first started, 10 minutes seemed like an eternity! I kept thinking, “That timer has to be going off soon!”–Only to find out it was barely at the five minute mark. (And that, my friends, is when I really realized how out-of-shape I had become over the winter!!)

Other times, we’ve used simple balloons that I picked up at a dollar store and tossed them around with the rule that they aren’t allowed to touch the ground. I assure you, after 10 minutes of this, your heart will be racing after you are leaping and running to catch wherever it drifts off to. (and your cheeks will hurt from laughing!)

We add new little games as we think of them. My son was trying to talk me into buying some hula-hoops the other day and I just may take him up on the idea. The kids have come to look forward to this time. When I tell them that it’s “Time for 10–what does that mean?” Their cute little voices will squeak out “10! 10!” and they run to the microwave timer and they know we are in for some fun.

So don’t make the same mistake that I did and think that you need to carve out huge chunks of time each day. Just start off with 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there. The great thing that I’ve found is that after you get in a routine of exercising, you’ll find that you’re getting some extra energy from it and finding the time to fit it in won’t seem like such a struggle.

I’m hoping that you’ll take time out of your day for “Time For 10.”

Disclaimer: Never start a new exercise/diet regimen without consulting your Dr. first.

Note: This is an original series and cannot be shared without written permission from Coupon Geek.

Marching Into Fitness: New Series This Month

I always make March my month to put extra focus on fitness. It’s not one of those “summer’s coming I need to fit into a bathing suit/shorts” thing. No, it’s that I know the weather is going to warm up and the kids and I will be playing outside more and that will require extra conditioning to keep up with them! I tend to get a little bit lazier in the winter months. :)

Also, when the weather starts hitting those 40-50 degree temperatures here in Chicago, I’m going to break out my running shoes and make another attempt to train for that 5K. There’s just something magnificent about running in that kind of weather. You start off a little cold but when your run is over, you just walk and relax and join the cold winter breeze that cools you off.

Last year, I started off OK but hit some knee pain issues, which I hope will not happen again this year. I’ve got a new gameplan and if all else fails, I guess I’ll have to hire an (inexpensive) personal running coach. I’ve convinced my hubby that this is the year. He’s even agreed to run the 5K with me. My goal? There’s a Susan G Komen Race for the Cure here in Chicago in September that I’d love to be involved in.

So for this month, I have some little fitness tidbits planned. I even have some giveaways for some Wii fitness items and something that Weight Watchers gave me at Blissdom. The goal of the series is not to share lots of nutritional/fitness advice with you. I’m not an expert in either of those areas. But I hope that you will find a little inspiration to carve some time out of your week to put a little more focus on your health and fitting in some exercise and healthy eating habits.

So stay tuned and keep an open mind. The best thing you can give your family/kids is yourself—time playing and a long healthy life!

Disclaimer: Never start a new exercise/diet regimen without consulting your Dr. first.

Note: This is an original series and cannot be shared without written permission from Coupon Geek.