30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #9

TIP #9: Keep Moving! Consider a Pedometer To Count Steps

A good way to burn that extra pound is to try to stay in constant motion as much as possible throughout the day.

It’s amazing to me how I chase after kids all day and some days, I gain a pound. For as much as I keep up with them, I know I’m not getting in as much movement as I think I am. They say over and over again that we should get in about 10,000 steps a day. One way to gauge this is to invest in a pedometer.

Yes, pedometers are not an exact count. They work by calculating the movement of your hip. A bump could trigger an extra count but it’s a better gauge than nothing. There’s a little article HERE on pedometers–how to use them and calculating distance with steps.

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #8


One of the big reasons for weight gain or troubles in weight loss is self-esteem. We either think we aren’t good enough to feel great or we put everyone else in our family first, leaving no time for ourselves to get healthy.

Well…I think you are worth it! :) And something you’ll endlessly hear me tell you is–the best thing you can ever do for your kids is to get healthy so you can be there for them many years down the road!

I see it every year when I watch The Biggest Loser. Contestants are struggling with being away from their families but then they remind themselves that a few months away now will give them so many extra years in the long-run.

So, take a moment to tell yourself that you are great. And remind yourself to take a little “you time” each day. Trust me—you are worth it!

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #7


I think part of the reason so many of us snack on unhealthy foods is because they are quick. Pop open a bag of chips and you are ready to indulge.

One of the ways to help you snack a little healthier is to make sure there are some in view. Try to put a fruit basket on your table. Have some great veggies on the most visual shelf in your fridge. And store some in your cabinets that are the most easily accesible.

And as for unhealthy snacks, well, aside from getting rid of most of them, make them hard to reach! It may take a little time to re-arrange those cabinets but if you keep your snacks somewhere that requires a little more work to reach, you might think twice about eating them!

Some of my favorite snacks are fruits, veggies (such as radishes, celery, carrots), a healthier trail mix, no sugar added applesauce, dill pickles (in moderation to avoid too much salt) and yogurt! And every so often, I’ll indulge in some lower-fat cheeses.

Overall, keep the healthy stuff easily accessible and the “junk food” not so much!

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #6


I remember back when I was a teen this sweet overweight co-worker of mine said, “Kid, the best advice I can give you to stay skinny is to not eat while you are cooking!” :) And you know what, I think about that advice every time I cook! Sure, you need to test food for taste or doneness but don’t eat half a meal before you even sit down to eat! When I cook meals that I know I’ll want to devour, I try to chew on gum. It seems to help.

The other thing I noticed, as parents, is that we have a tendency to want to finish our kids’ plates when they don’t eat everything. It’s that whole mindset that we hate to waste food. Either give them less to start with or start your plate off with less. If you have less and they don’t finish, by all means, eat away! :)

To sum it up, every calorie counts. It doesn’t take much to add another 500 calories to our daily count by nibbling. Which means—another dreaded pound on the scale at the end of the week! So be alert to what you are “sneaking.” :)

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #5


One of the first things they make you do when you start most diet programs is to keep a food journal. The theory is that you can’t fix your bad eating habits if you don’t know what they are. Good advice! :)

The last time I did a food journal, back when I thought I was eating healthy, I was surprised at how unhealthy I really was eating! So I do recommend keeping a food journal as best you can.

Now, I get it. You are a busy Mom/Dad/Person and you don’t have time. Well, try to do the bare minimum journal and log any time you grab a “bad snack”–and why you felt the need to snack. Why is this helpful? You will not only probably see a time pattern to your snacking but you may also see an emotional pattern to your snacking, such as, any time you are bored, sad, depressed or nervous.

When you begin to learn your bad snacking patterns, you can plan for them better. You can make sure you eat something healthy right before they hit. I remember when I worked downtown, I’d want to snack at 2pm. Sure, my sugar levels may have dropped some but what I found out was…I was BORED! So instead of snacking, I’d take a short walk and grab a piece of gum. Worked like a charm and I got some fresh air! :)

So do your best to keep some form of food journal. At the end of the week (or daily) you can check out free food journal sites such as the ones HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE and see just what your caloric intake REALLY is. You might be shocked!

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #4


The common saying is, “Don’t eat after 8PM.” Well, that’s great for people on a normal 9-5 type-schedule. But let’s admit it, some work 2nd and 3rd shifts. So I won’t tell you 8PM is the time. But just that you should allow yourself the appropriate amount of time after supper and before bedtime to “shut down the kitchen.” Your body needs that extra time to digest that last bit of food we shovel in.

So shut off the lights. Hang a sign-up that says, “Kitchen’s Closed!” and do your best to stay clear of the temptations. :)

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #3


I love this tip. I used this when we were talking about buying a house. I put a picture of a great house in my wallet. Each time I went to buy something, it made me think twice about spending money.

The same holds true with losing weight. You gotta have goals! Do you have an outfit that’s one size too small? Take a picture of it and hang it by your snack cabinet. Or hang the outfit on the outside of your closet. This way, each morning you’ll get up and see what you are working towards that day.

Or better yet? Hang a picture of your kids by your worst temptations. Each time you go to indulge, you’ll stop and remind yourself…I want to be healthy to be around a long time for them!

Each person has their own reasons for wanting to lose that pound. Find yours and visually remind yourself what you are working towards.