30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 16

TIP # 16 – Give Yourself Some Rewards For Weight Loss

The big overall rewards to weight loss are staying healthy and, well, weight loss. :) But you should consider setting up some small achievable goals along the way. These shouldn’t be anything super expensive but just little things that you’ll push yourself to want to “earn.”

When I had to lose my “baby weight” after having Nathan, one of my rewards was a new shirt. I saved a gift card I had received and when I reached my target weight, I allowed myself to buy something new. Just something a little pretty to go along with the great feeling I had about my achievement. I also had set a goal halfway through that I’d let myself buy some new form of exercise equipment to keep my routine “fresh.” (I chose a simple DVD.)

Losing weight can definitely be a challenge. So allow yourself a little reward now and then for sticking to it! By rewarding yourself for how far you’ve come, it may give you the extra kick you need to keep pushing forward to the “finish line” and drop a couple more pounds.

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #15

Tip #15 – “Go The Extra Mile” Whenever Possible

There are several times where you take a shortcut to save on time. But many times, those shortcuts prevent us from getting in a little bit more of exercise.

So next time you have the option of stairs or elevator–choose the stairs. And when you are out shopping, choose that farther parking spot and walk the extra distance. I’ve actually noticed that the farther spots usually save time! You don’t spend all that time driving around or waiting for someone to back-up.

Another option to consider is if you are within a reasonable distance, instead of picking your kids up from school, walk over and meet up with them. Not only will you get in a little exercise but you also get that extra little chat time together. You might even find that it becomes your favorite time of the day.

Whenever you can, go the extra mile and you’ll soon see those calories burning off!

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #14

Tip #14 – “Cleanse Your Palette” After Eating “Junk Food”

So here’s the situation–you’ve eaten a bunch of potato chips or a candy bar and now you want more. Your tastebuds are still craving that salt or chocolate. Try this–instead of eating more, “cleanse your palette” with something healthy and/or “refreshing.” I’ve tried this several times and it seems to work. I’ve found that if that salty/chocolate taste lingers, I want more but if I eat an apple/carrot/celery afterwards, I’m good to go!

This is like getting the best of both worlds—you fulfill that craving you have but you don’t over-indulge and pack on the pounds!

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #13

Tip # 13 – Never Eat While Distracted

It may have happened to you before. You finally sat down with a bag of chips to watch some TV and next thing you know, the bag of chips is empty and you felt like you didn’t eat a thing!

Never allow yourself to eat when you are distracted! Ideally, you should always eat while sitting down at the table but let’s face it, it doesn’t always happen! If you do eat in front of the TV, put a small amount of your snack in a bowl to prevent over-eating. At the movies? Order the smallest popcorn and/or drink so you don’t munch on an entire bag/drink!

Always being aware of what you are eating will help you keep those extra pounds off!

30 Ways To Lose A Pound: Tip # 12

TIP #12: Drink Plenty of Water Daily.

You’ve heard it over and over again–drink lots of water! Well, there is actually something to it. Not only does it keep you hydrated, but it also help with digestion, keeps your skin/hair healthier and actually helps keep you fuller, making you eat less.

Now how much water should you be drinking? It’s debatable. There’s the old 8×8 rule (8 cups, 8 times a day) but that varies by person! You have to consider, weight, exercise activity and where you live. Warmer climates need more water. And there is such a thing as too much water! I found two little articles/tools to check out:

There’s a little calculator HERE. And an article HERE on how to help get more water into your daily life. In the end, ask your physician how much water is right for you.

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #11

TIP #11 – Sneak in Exercise and Consider Some Isometrics

My all-time favorite fitness expert is Denise Austin. Not only does she look fabulous but she also has this contagious and positive energy about her. She makes you WANT to exercise! I’ve heard her say in several articles/interviews that she “sneaks” in exercises all day to stay fit. Things like doing squats while blow-drying your hair. Every little bit adds up to burned calories.

Also, consider reading up on isometrics. (Check with your physician before trying these as they are not recommended for everyone.) They are “exercises without movement in which muscles are contracted and strengthened through resistance.” (Most of you women are familiar with one in particular called Kegels!) I couldn’t find a great article to link you to but there’s a great write-up on them in the book called Simple Steps: 10 Weeks to Getting Control of Your Life (This is a great all-around book that you should try to check out from your library!)

So next time you are waiting…at the Dr’s office, for water to boil, for your hair to dry…try to think of some way to sneak in some (safe) exercise!

30 Ways To Lose a Pound: Tip #10

TIP #10 – Add an exercise time into your weekly “to-do list” so that you don’t forget!

Exercise combined with a good diet is by far the best way to lose weight. But as busy people, the day can fly by and we don’t remember to allow that time daily or a few times a week to get in our much needed exercise.

So, get into the habit of carving out time each week, or even daily, to get in a little bit of exercise. Just think about how much fun it will be to cross it off your “to-do list” as a task that’s been accomplished!