30 Ways to Lose a Pound: Re-Cap

Now that the series is complete, I thought I’d do a little recap of all 30 little ways that you can change some small habits or add new ones to your routine to possibly lose a pound. Keep in mind that I’m not a Dr. nor am I a nutrition/fitness expert. So always check with your Dr. before changing ANY of your current diet/fitness routine. Tips are to be taken as suggestions and not promises of any guaranteed results.

TIP #1: Know What It Takes To Lose a Pound

TIP #2: Switch Out One Pop/Soda (Or High-Caloric Beverage) Per Day For a Glass of Water

TIP #3: Find and Display Visual Goals

TIP #4: Set a Time for When The Kitchen’s Closed

TIP #5 – Keep a Food Journal or At Least Log Your “Bad Snackings”

TIP #6 – Quit Nibbling While Cooking and Don’t Finish Your Kid’s Plates

TIP #7 – Have Healthy Snacks Ready and in View

TIP #8 – Believe in Yourself and Know You are Worth It!

TIP #9: – Keep Moving! Consider a Pedometer To Count Steps

TIP #10 – Add an exercise time into your weekly “to-do list” so that you don’t forget!

TIP #11 – Sneak in Exercise and Consider Some Isometrics

TIP #12 – Drink Plenty of Water Daily

Tip # 13 – Never Eat While Distracted

Tip #14 – “Cleanse Your Palette” After Eating “Junk Food”

Tip #15 – “Go The Extra Mile” Whenever Possible

TIP # 16 – Give Yourself Some Rewards For Weight Loss

TIP # 17 – Remember—Everything In Moderation

TIP # 18 – Eat Meals A Little Slower and In Smaller Bites

TIP #19 – Switch Your Dinner Plates To Smaller Plates

TIP # 20 – Know the Proper Portions of Food

TIP #21 – Keep a Positive Attitude

TIP #22 – Join A Support Group or Online Chat/Group

Tip #23 – Cut Out High-Calorie Condiments Or Don’t Forget to Log Them in Your Food Journal

Tip #24 – Switch Out One Unhealthy Side Dish for a Healthier One

Tip #25 – Use Plain Low-Fat Yogurt In Recipes Instead of Mayonnaise or Sour Cream When Possible

Tip # 26 – Downgrade Your Milk A Level Or Two

TIP # 27 – Switch Out A Meal or Two of Ground Beef With Ground Turkey

TIP #28 – Find Better Alternatives To Ice Cream

Tip # 29 – Make Small Cutbacks or Changes Here and There

Tip #30 – Cut-back on Items With Cane Sugar In Them

Disclaimer: Never start a new exercise/diet regimen without consulting your Dr. first. Tips are to be taken as suggestions and not promises of guaranteed results.

Note: This is an original series and cannot be shared without written permission from Coupon Geek.

30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 30

Tip #30 – Cut-back on Items With Cane Sugar In Them

This sounds like such a simple change, that you wouldn’t think it would add up to that much weight. But I guess that’s really how much sugar we all tend to have in our normal diets. According to WikiAnswers, the average American consumes 156 lbs of sugar a year! That’s a little over 31 five pound bags! (I can still remember that Biggest Loser episode when they started pouring out all the sugar we consume for a visual aid! It just kept pouring out of the trucks!)

Examples of items with cane sugar in it are soda, sweet tea/coffee, cake, cookies, and even white bread. Only eat multi-grain bread. You can get “natural sugar” from fruits and vegetables.

Always be sure to check with your physician before making any major diet changes. This is especially important if you have diabetes and need to regulate sugar-levels.

30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 29

Tip # 29 – Make Small Cutbacks or Changes Here and There

Sometimes all it takes to lose a pound is to simply make some small changes to our everyday eating habits. Something as simple as just eating a little less at each meal can add up over time. Or making simple changes to what we do eat or how we cook them. Switching from fried foods to baking or grilling them. Or eating just a little bit healthier. Here are a couple ideas:

1) Instead of scrambled whole eggs, try scrambled egg whites.
2) Instead of a muffin, eat whole wheat toast w/ peanut butter instead of butter/jelly.
3) Instead of peanuts or cashews, try raw unsalted almonds or even soy nuts.
4) Skip the cheese on sandwiches. (But be sure to get your milk for the day!)
5) Pass on cake & ice cream at parties.
6) Pass on the candy dish at work. (Or have sugar-free candy or sugar-free gum instead.)
7) When eating fast food, opt for the healthy side instead of french fries.
8) Eat fruit or pretzels instead of chips for snack times.
9) Skip on sugarery food and opt for sugar-free.
10) Try low-fat, reduced fat or fat-free alternatives. (Just check the salt levels!)

Just making simple changes and small sacrifices here and there can add up to a pound. And when those clothes fit or you feel comfortable in your own skin again, it will all be worth it! (Not to mention, you’ll be creating a much healthier lifestyle!)

30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 28

TIP #28 – Find Better Alternatives To Ice Cream

One of my favorite treats to indulge in is ice cream. I used to use ice cream in my smoothies. Now I’ve switched to plain yogurt or just milk instead with crushed ice cubes. Here are the calorie break-outs for variations, according to Fat Secret. These are all in 1 cup proportions.

Regular Vanilla Ice Cream = 290

Vanilla Frozen Yogurt = 234

Vanilla Light Ice Cream w/ No Sugar Added = 210

Vanilla Plain Yogurt (Not Frozen) = 208

You can even try some orange sherbet which has 214 calories per 1 cup.

Want an even healthier alternative for a cold treat? Try frozen grapes! Even frozen sugar-free popsicles are only 12 calories each!

This may not seem like much, but if you eat quite a bit of ice cream over time, it does add up. The best solution is to find a healthier treat and to only have ice cream on occasion. But it you just can’t give up your ice cream, try switching to a healthier alternative. Over time, the little calorie changes could add up to a pound lost!

30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 27

TIP # 27 – Switch Out A Meal or Two of Ground Beef With Ground Turkey

I’ve heard this one many times. And let me tell you, in some dishes, you barely notice the difference in taste! I usually use ground turkey in chili and casseroles.

According to Fat Secret, 3 oz of Extra Lean Ground Beef is 208 Calories vs. 3.9 oz of Extra Lean Ground Turkey having 120.

You can see that it’s less calories for more ground turkey and this can add up to a lost pound in time!

30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 26

Tip # 26 – Downgrade Your Milk A Level Or Two

I had read this one somewhere—that if you currently drink 2% to switch to 1% or 1% to Skim etc—and I wondered what the calorie difference added up to. Well, here’s what could happen if you went from 2% to Skim Milk (Yes, I know…two “levels”) :)

1 cup of 2% Milk = 130 Calories

1 cup of Skim Milk = 90 Calories

I know what you are saying, only a 40 Calorie difference? But look at it this way—there are 16 cups in 1 gallon. That’s a 640 Calorie difference per gallon! You can see how this can add up over time!

When I first switched years back, the Skim tasted like watered down milk. But I decided to switch slowly and go from 2% to 1% then to Skim and I didn’t mind it so much. It’s all I drink now–well, that and Soy Milk! :)

30 Ways To Lose A Pound Tip # 25

Tip #25 – Use Plain Low-Fat Yogurt In Recipes Instead of Mayonnaise or Sour Cream

There are some recipes that you can switch out mayonnaise or sour cream for plain low-fat yogurt and not taste much of a difference. It’s kind of a hit or miss game as to which taste good or not. But here’s the calorie difference:

1/4 cup of Mayonnaise – 229 Calories

1/4 cup of Regular Sour Cream – 123 Calories

1/4 cup of plain low-fat Yogurt – 30 Calories

Wow, huh? 199 Calorie difference for Mayonnaise and 93 Calorie difference for sour cream! You can see how that can add up over time! (If nothing else, it’s one less 100 Calorie snack that you have to “work off.”)