Friday Fitness Freebie: One Song Workouts


One of the things I often hear about fitness/exercise is time constraints. But here’s what I’ve found with exercise — you gotta start somewhere. So why not start with a one-song workout. Every day make time for just one song and a little bit of exercise so you can have some extra energy later in the day. Maybe you can work your way up to two. Or a 5 minute brisk walk. Or a 10 minute fun Zumba dance routine. By adding little bits of time, you may even surprise yourself to get in 30 minutes eventually.

Here are a few things I found on Pinterest:


One Song Workout – routine you can use with any song

One Song Workout – geared toward One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful

One Song Workout – geared toward Lady Gaga’s “Applause”

And here’s a list of songs that have a bit of pep that might get you motivated to workout:


Top 50 Workout Songs

Stay tuned in August because you are going to see some great fitness giveaways! Until then, turn on a song and make up your own workout routine, even if it’s just dancing around having fun!