Amazon: One-Day Sale on Thermos Products!


Amazon is having a one-day only sale on several Thermos Products with some of them up to 46% Off!

Great way to pick up some Thermos Food Jars, Water Bottles, Lunch Bags, etc. for school!

The food jars are nice for sending in food that you want to keep hot. In most cases, you just heat the food in the morning in a microwave-safe container and pour it into the Thermos after it’s heated thoroughly. If you are unsure about some foods, test it at home. Make something around the time you would when you send the kids off to school and then check it around their lunchtime to see if it’s still hot. Great way to see what works and what doesn’t and you already have lunch made for yourself that day! :)


We use the Thermos Funtainer and my kids just love them! Make sure you choose the updated ones with the handle as they are a lot easier to use for things like travel, hiking, etc. I personally use the Purple 16 oz Funtainer for when I go out-and-about with the kids.


While this one isn’t part of the sale, I did want to mention that Amazon does have the Thermos FUNtainer Bottle, 12-Ounce, Frozen in case your kids have been asking for it.