Zulily: Clarks Shoes Event!


It was just a few weeks ago that I discovered Clarks Shoes. My friend Alli and I were walking around Naperville and had to check out the hot sale they had going on. I ended up finding a pair of sandals online and I have to tell you they are so COMFORTABLE! They feel like you are walking around on pillows. I can’t say I’ve ever said that about any sandals before.

Anyway, I was excited to see that Zulily has the Clarks Shoes as one of their events today.


The shoes are on a huge discount which is awesome because they tend to be higher-priced to begin with (there’s a reason for it as they are of an amazing quality) Their loafers are discounted from $100 to $30!


So I just wanted to share in case you were looking for some new summer shoes that are fashionable and comfortable. I don’t buy new shoes all too often but when I find a pair I like I am OK with spending a little more if I think they are of a good quality and will last awhile.


You can check out the inventory on Zulily. They didn’t have the new ones I bought which were the Clarks Leisa Taffy Sandal in Pewter. I’ve only had them a few weeks and already received several compliments on them. What I love about them is they work as an everyday sandal and they are still dressy enough for anything going on in the evening.