Walmart: Deal on Always and Free Magazine Subscription?


I was cutting through the aisles at Walmart the other day when the word “Free” caught my eye. I stopped to snap the photo above.

Check your stores as you might see these specially marked boxes of Always Infinity for $6.97 that contain a free box of liners PLUS they also have a sticker on them that holds a code inside that will get you a Free 1-Year Subscription to either Cosmopolitian or Marie Claire. The sticker expiration said 6/30/14 on this box so you might not have long to find one.

$0.50 off ONE Always Pad

There’s also a $.50 Off Always Coupon that would get you the pads, liners and subscription for just $6.47.

Some other stores, such as Target, CVS, etc., may carry this and also be on sale so you may want to keep your eyes open.