The Board Game Decathlon Begins!


Last week I was going through my kids’ closets pulling out clothes that no longer fit and weeding through all their toys finding some I knew they didn’t play with any more so I could try to sell them at a garage sale. In the process, I realized that we had a lot of board games and we weren’t taking advantage of them as far as family entertainment. And when I say we have a lot, I mean a LOT! I let each kid “save” 10 board games and the rest went into a stack in our living room.

We decided we were going to do a board game decathlon. 10 games over the course of the month. To add to the fun, we made the decision to split into boys vs. girls teams. The winning team gets $20 for a day together to do whatever they want.  Each kid will also get to decide on their favorite game to “save” to be added into our permanent collection at the end of the decathlon.

Tonight was our first night in the board game decathlon. The kids picked Alphabug Soup Word Game as the game to kick off the event.

Who won?


BOYS = 1 and GIRLS = 0

Boo. I guess my daughter and I will have to work on our comeback.

I’ll be sharing the games we are playing and the winning outcome just so you can have a little fun along the way with us. And who knows, you might find a new family favorite as far as board game.

The question is….will you do one of your own board game decathlons at home, too? :)