My Target Trip – 6/17/14

Since I was in town today I decided to make a very quick stop by Target. I scanned some of the deals last night and pulled out my coupons so I was all ready to go. It didn’t take me very long at all to save some $. Couponing does not have to be a long and complicated process. Here’s what I picked up: (Cost around $11 vs. the regular price of $25.)


I’ll detail some of the items by picture cuz I’m more of a visual person: (Thanks to Totally Target for most of these deals! Note: Photos taken by Coupon Geek.)


Carefree Liners $.94
*Use $1 Off Carefree Coupon

One of my readers shared once how she picks these types of items up that she can get for free and donates them to a nearby women’s shelter. Such a great idea!


Kandoo Product $1 on price-cut
*Use $.50 Off Kandoo Coupon

NOTE: If you grabbed that coupon I posted two weeks ago for $1 Off, you’ll get these for free. By some dumb luck I printed it and was able to get mine for free.


Prego 4/$7 – $1.75 each – Buy 4
*Use 2 – $1/2 Prego Coupons
FINAL PRICE = $1.25 each

Completely out of pasta sauce so I stocked up on a few. When I get time, I’ll make some homemade sauce and freeze it but for now, these will have to do.


Secret Deodorant $2.25 on price-cut
*Use $1 Off Secret Coupon from 6/1/14 P&G insert

Sometimes I see these sell a bit cheaper but since I know I am almost out, I picked them up at this price–and 50% Off is still a good deal in my book!


Blueberries $2.50 on sale – Buy 2
*Use $1 Off $5 Fruit Purchase from Target Mobile Coupon
*Use 5% Off Cartwheel Offer
FINAL PRICE = $1.90 each.

Don’t need 2? You can always freeze some as blueberries freeze really well! I do this and use them for smoothies, waffle toppings, etc.

Market Pantry Frozen Vegetables $.99
*Use $.75 Off MP Frozen Veggie Coupon from Target Mobile Offers (Text OFFERS to 827-438)
*Use 5% Off Target Cartwheel Offer

I didn’t pick these up as it was scorching hot and I didn’t have my cooler with me. Will grab them next time I’m there.


I wanted to show this to you. Not all prices are the same across the U.S. My Silk half gallons weren’t $2.99 here near Chicago but $3.64 instead. (Gotta love Chicago prices!!) I did have coupons to get $2 Off but I opted to wait and see if they’d come on sale. Just because you can save $ doesn’t mean you have to buy it if you don’t need it that week.

Just showing you this one so you’ll understand why I continually type that prices can vary by store under each deal I post. It’s because it’s so true!!


This was the sight of a big frowny face for me. No Snickers Ice Cream Bars available. I was hoping to grab that deal where you could get them for under $1 and surprise my kids with a treat. This is one of the things you learn fast about couponing – hot deals go FAST! And so do coupons!

I don’t get to share too many shopping trips with you all I tend to buy a week’s groceries at once and it takes forever to detail these posts. But when I do make small shopping trips like these, I’ll try to share them with you. I know when I first started learning how to coupon these types of things helped me figure it all out.

Happy Shopping!!