Getting Our Finances Back on Track!


Do you ever feel like you are going in 6 different directions getting very little done and yet exhausting yourself immensely in the process? This is how I have been feeling for basically the entire duration of 2014.

As I mentioned on the Coupon Geek Facebook Page last week I have been filling in as a teacher’s aide who was on medical leave and juggling maintaining running Coupon Geek in my “spare” time. This is why there have been days when the blog has been void of new posts or lacking in the normal quality of substance.

Well, I have come to the end of the school year and my job fulfillment is complete. It was the most eye-opening experience in so many ways–some of which I will share with you over time. But as I stepped back last month and took a good hard look at the state of our house and the path we were on financially, I decided it was time to get it to together so we can have more of a feeling of being back on the right path.

Over the past few weeks I have been outlining ways to save money and how to make the most of the money we have. I have had several heart-to-heart chats with my husband and we’ve been figuring out some short and long-term goals together. I have to say that while finances are not normally a fun topic to have we have had a great time sharing what we foresee our future to be and brainstorming together how we can make those things happen. Not only will I be sharing these money-saving ways with you but I’ll also be doing them along with you as I post them. Together we’ll be able to get organized and save some extra money!

The very reason the Coupon Geek site exists is because of the desire back in 2008 to share these types of ideas with family, friends and those of you that have chosen to follow us along the way. I feel that Coupon Geek was a much better resource back then and I am determined to make it everything it once was! So be prepared to jump in and get real with us and make the most of everything we are all blessed with on a daily basis.

I’m so eager to get this started but I must finish wrapping up a few things this week. So be sure to follow me via Facebook, Twitter and/or Email Newsletter so you won’t miss out.