Full Moon Walk Tonight?


As I’ve mentioned in the past, we try to take a “Full Moon Walk” from time to time, especially in the summer. Well it looks like another Full Moon tonight–and on Friday the 13th at that! I’m kind of bummed that I missed the “Honey Moon” last night.


The idea of the Full Moon Walk comes from an older book called Walk When the Moon Is Full. It’s written by a Mother who shares the adventures her and family had each time the moon was full when they’d go on their “Full Moon Walks.”

I thought I’d share in case you were looking for something different to do for free tonight.

Here’s a few tips if you choose to go out:

*Flashlights – Even though you’ll be in well-lit areas, the kids think these are fun and you never know when you might need one. If you don’t have any, dollar bins usually carry some.

*Mosquito Repellent – You may want to use some on children that are old enough to wear it.

*Small snacks and water

*Small Blanket and/or spare jackets – You never know when a chill might creep up in the weather. Also, you might find a nice spot to just sit and stare at the moon and stars with the kids.

*Bag(s) for carrying found treasures

*Camera – Take lots of pictures for a memory book of each walk

Disclaimer: Use your best judgment and all safety requirements when walking outside. Only walk in safe neighborhoods, wear clothing that can be visible to others and even though you’ll be exploring, try to stay in well-lit areas.