Free Disney Movie Rewards Code


Just a reminder that Disney Movie Rewards is doing a countdown until summer where you can find a new code on their Pinterest Page every weekday through 6/21/14 that will earn you free points.

There’s just one code left as today’s will give you points for 6/20 and 6/21/14. So don’t forget to grab the code for today!


This summer countdown was just what I needed to grab enough points for that $5 Hollywood Movie Concession Money. I had already picked up the $10 Hollywood Movie Money a few months ago so now I have $15 to put towards taking my kids to see Planes Fire and Rescue next month – or another Disney movie.


While these codes don’t seem to be a lot, they truly do add up over time as Disney has been great at offering a lot of freebies. So keep grabbing them and adding them to your account and you might earn a free movie day, DVD, gift card, etc. It only takes a few seconds to add codes.