Board Game Decathlon – Games #2 and #3


As I mentioned earlier, my family and I have been having fun this week and next doing a “Board Game Decathlon.” 10 games. Boys vs. Girls. Winning team gets $20 to have a fun day together.

Wednesday, we played Pop The Pig. Basically the game goes something like this: You roll the dice, you pick a hamburger and based on the number on the bottom you push down on the pig that many times. Meanwhile, the pig is getting bigger and bigger and the person to make his belt pop, is the “winner.”  We played best out of 3.

A game mostly for younger kids as it helps them learn how to count and color matching. My kids loved the anticipation of would the pig pop this time or next?

Boys won this one. A big defeat for the girls as we were now down 2-0.


Thursday, we played Big Cat Math. How this game works is that everyone gets a yarn ball card where there are 3 blank equations. You can fill in an addition or subtraction sign based on which game route you choose to go. Everyone chooses 3 numbers to put in the sum area of their card. Then you get to draw 2 cards from the cat. You work on making a valid equation such as 2+2=4. It’s all a game of luck and memory. For if the circle doesn’t work with your equations, you put it back and someone then has a chance to grab that number later if they remember where it was.

I loved how this game helped reinforce the learning of math problems and also helped the mind work backwards in some instances. *+2=6 and you had to figure out what * was.

Girls won this one. FINALLY!


Boys = 2 Girls = 1

So the girls are hanging in there. I was fearing a sweep!

Hope you are considering having your own Board Game Decathlon with your own family. Dust off those board games and have some frugal fun at home this week!!