Yoplait Greek Yogurt – Possibly Free through Ibotta!


Check the Walmart listing in your Ibotta account as you might find a $1 Off Yoplait Greek Yogurt offer. I was able to find it in mine and it was a super easy one to load to my account–I just had to read a fact they had listed.


Some are finding the Yoplait Greek Yogurt for $1 at their local Walmart, making it Free after Ibotta credit.

Thanks, I Heart the Mart!

Keep in mind that prices/inventory can vary by Walmart location.

This is a great way to try it if you haven’t before. I’ve kind of got hooked on buying plain greek yogurt and then adding just a touch of honey and fresh fruit to it.

Not signed up for Ibotta yet? It’s free to join. You save up your earnings and you can cash them in for things like a Paypal credit, Starbucks Gift Card, iTunes gift card, Regal Cinemas Gift Card etc.

My kids are excited as I finally reached a payout for an iTunes Gift Card. I promised them it so they could each get a few new educational games over the summer on the rainy days. I love how couponing can turn into a fun gift for others!