Checkout 51: Have You Signed-Up Yet?

Checkout 51

There are several programs out there for saving money via coupons, uploading receipts after purchases, etc. I always like to share about them when I see them.

The latest is Checkout 51. Each Thursday they have a set of new offers. You purchase the products that you want and upload your receipt to them. Once they confirm your purchases, they’ll credit your account. Once you reach $20, you’ll get a check. You can earn Checkout 51 Cash Back in combination with any other coupon or discount unless otherwise stated, too!

This is just the latest way to add more savings to your weekly grocery/household budgets.


This week some of the offers (valid through Wednesday) include $.25 Off any loaf of bread, $.50 Off a gallon of milk, $.25 Off apples, $.50 Off bananas, and so many more offers. So you may want to take a look and see if any of the offers will save you some $$!