Recyclebank: Earn 40 More Points!

Here are a few new ways to earn on Recyclebank:

Learn how small adjustments can produce big dividends. Earn 10 points along the way!

Take a short lifestyle quiz for 30 Points.


And here’s some great news – Recyclebank has more gift card rewards options now including:

Target, Cabela’s, CVS, Foot Locker or $5 Gift Card for 1,500 Points

JCPenney, TGIFriday’s, Kmart, Lowe’s, Sears, Gap, iTunes or Applebees $10 Gift Card for 2,500 Points

They have several ways to earn points throughout the year that don’t take very long at all. Taking just a few minutes every now and then to check the “Earn Points” could earn you a fairly quick $10 gift card!!

Not signed up yet? It’s free to join!