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Back when I first started Coupon Geek I used to blog quite frequently about the things my family and I would do to have fun together on very little money. I loved sharing those posts as several reader friends said how much it helped them find frugal things for their family to do, as well. And another reason–it always kept me actively finding more things for us to add to our list of possible outings.

I’ve gotten away from writing much on Coupon Geek but once school is out-of-session I plan to pick up on it and return back to my old days of blogging fun.

To kick off the writing inspiration, I am hosting a giveaway for a $50 Amazon Gift Card to the reader that wins this giveaway.

And to keep it simple and fair, I am only allowing one entry per reader.


In the comment field below this post, share one (or more) things that you like to do with your family during the summer that costs $5 or less.

Entry is open to US residents only through 11:59PM CST on Tuesday, May 6, 2014. There is a total of one entry allowed per person. Winner will be chosen using a giveaway service and contacted by email. If you’re the winner, you’ll have only 48 hours to respond or an alternate will be chosen. Comments posted for entries will be shared on the site.

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Good luck to all that enter!

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  1. Courtnie says

    There are many things we like to do and most of them all is all together. But one of the our favorites is to fly kites. The kids eyes light up when it gets off the ground and then the cheering and laughing starts if we can keep it up there.

  2. Kristin says

    I love to go fishing!!!! It doesn’t cost us but a couple of bucks for bait. Fun times!

  3. Kristy Reed says

    We like to have family water gun fights, we take a 5 gallon bucket and fill it with water for faster refilling and then run around our yard hiding and spraying the kids and each other. On a hot day this is lots of fun!!

  4. Glenna says

    We like to take walks in the local parks. We are lucky enough to live nearby to several parks with lots of great kid-friendly trails :)

  5. Jackie says

    we love to go to the park and play, and then if weather is right, they love getting the creek!!

  6. teri wells says

    We enjoy getting outside and playing volleyball or cornhole. We usually end with icecream.

  7. Alesha G. says

    We enjoy free outdoor children’s movie night that is hosted by one of our local shopping centers.

  8. Stephanie says

    We love playing at the playground near our house! It has a great section for little kids, as well as a huge section for the big kids!

  9. Unchong Hassell says

    Love to do the home depot and lowes kids workshops all year round! The kids love to take home their creations!

  10. says

    We have a big pool in our backyard, so we invite my sister and brother in law over for a swim and cookout and then a quiet time around the fire pit. Sometimes there are smores in the making.

  11. Jeanie Solt says

    I like going to the park, hanging out at the beach, picnics with my hubby. Even staying home and watching a movie.

  12. Angela B says

    We like to go by the pier and watch the sunset sometimes and other times to the park. Depends on our mood. :)

  13. RENEE says

    We enjoy traveling together, like to the beach! Otherwise, we enjoy splashing in the pool and hanging out at the park.

  14. shelleyb says

    Water balloons! My sons put a plastic attachment on hose. Fill balloons and toss them everywhere. Loads of good, clean fun for little $, especially if you find a pack of balloons at dollar tree. Clean up is a breeze with bright colors and usually a few zones.

  15. Nora says

    We go to a near-by state park that has great swimming, hiking, picnicking, rock-picking, and so many additional great options of things to do. Our state rec pass is $10 when you renew your license plates, so it is cheap fun per visit, when you use it often!

  16. Noelle says

    We like to buy a pass to the Metroparks ($25/year). Then we can take the kids to the playgrounds, museum, fly kites, picnic, etc all through the summer into the fall.:) Go enough times and it certainly costs less that $5.:)

  17. Heidi K says

    We love to swim – at friends’ pools or take a short drive to the lake. We can do this all day, every day and never get sick of it!

  18. Stephanie Cabe says

    I love going to buy a couple of cheap loaves of bread and taking my kids to the river to feed the ducks. They love it!

  19. Cathy says

    My kids love to go to the beach. Some public parking lots are still free :)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  20. Kathleen M. says

    We like to pack up our lunch and take it down to the river. We watch the boats, feed the seagulls, skip stones, and look for shells.

  21. Candice says

    We take a feed the ducks at a park near our house. We get ‘day old’ bread to save money too.

  22. Allie G. says

    We will be going to the park this summer and playing on the playground! My little one loves the swings!

  23. Tracy Harper says

    Movies at the bargain theater! My daughter and I can both see a movie together for $5 total!

  24. Karen says

    Game nights, free movies at the library, geocaching, and kids free summer bowling program.

  25. Tanesha says

    Well since I don’t have children I guess go to Dairy Queen and get a SMALL blizzard. Then head to the drill field for some fireworks (July 4th). Fireworks are free – no admission and they are great. :)

  26. Robin C. says

    The dollar store run. Rules are you can only buy things for that days “family fun”, not for yourself. Picnic at the park (food/drinks), water fun (balloons, sponges), cards (paper, glue & glitter), candle holders (jar, tissue paper, glue)….and on. They can be very creative with $5.00 and so much fun planning.

  27. Danielle says

    Our town has several free concert series and Shakespeare in the park during the summer.

  28. Michele Behlen says

    One thing that I enjoy doing with my grandchildren is blowing bubbles. We have a lot of fun.

  29. Jaclynn says

    Take a trip to the National Parks (annual cost is about $25) and explore or a trip to the Sundial Bridge for a great nature walk.

  30. Cathy says

    We love to go fishing – buy some crickets or red wigglers and enjoy the day and possibly have some fish to eat for dinner.

  31. Felecia hall says

    Me and my husband like to take the grand kids to get ice cream and to the park nothing like spending time with the grand kids we love them so much.

  32. Art says

    There are several different museums in my area that offer free admission on particular days of the week. The kids love them!

  33. Sandy k says

    Our libraries in have a program where you can reserve passes to museums and activities. We’ve been to some really nice activities for free. In NorCal.

  34. Diane N says

    We go to our local park which is less than 1/2 mile away so a nice walk. They have swings and a slide and a jungle gym. The ice cream push cart always stop by so $4 gets spent on ice cream. Then we walk back home.

  35. Brenda says

    We like to go to the local farmer’s market and bring back a nice ripe watermelon. They are under $5.00 there. They are great to share on warm afternoons.

  36. Natalie says

    We love riding our bikes both in our neighborhood and around a nearby lake in the summer. We also love walking around our neighborhood before dinner.

  37. Justine says

    We take advantage of the many free museums at the local university and try to learn something new, while having fun.

  38. Teri says

    We head to the river! Swimming, wading, throwing rocks and sometimes we bring a picnic lunch or dinner. Very fun, and absolutely very cheap. Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. Bethany C. says

    There is a park with a lake fairly close by with cheap train/carousel rides and a playground.

  40. Trissi Hardin-Turner says

    Since my son is growing up and is now 13 yrs. old, we go play sports as a family – basketball, tennis, kickball, etc. We also love to go swimming.

  41. Steffanie says

    We like building bird feeders out of scrap wood – it helps clean out the garage too!

  42. Sue says

    We love to walk to town, go to the library and then get a cup of tea. It is a nice way to spend a hot afternoon.

  43. Melissa says

    My family loves to go geocaching. If you don’t know what geocaching is geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers. The basic idea is to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors and then share your experiences online. It is free to sign up and find the cache. You can check it out at

  44. Diana says

    Hiking at State Park, creating new art with chalk on the sidewalk and driveway, sitting around the fire pit talking, laughing, toasting a hot dog and/ or marshmallows, sharing old memories and making new ones

  45. meghan says

    we love to go to a local park where there is a carousel. the kids ride for a dollar each and they think it is the greatest!

  46. Wendy says

    We save snowballs in the freezer and take them to The Carnegie Science Center on the first day of summer. You are able to pick your price for admission. Afterwards you can chuck your snowballs into the river!

  47. says

    We love to go swimming at a lake about 45 min. away from home. We’ll take a picnic lunch or bbq and stay most of the day. We also have several state parks close, so we enjoy hiking and fishing also !

  48. Carin C says

    End of season last year I bought a pool on clearance at Target and I plan to set that up so we have a place to splash and get cool in. We also have enough squirt guns to field a small army and we love to sock anyone who comes over.

  49. sandra says

    sit out on the porch and look at the beautiful n.c. sky it is so clear ,nothing to block the view of the stars

  50. Rena Ball says

    Go to a couple of playground/shelter house areas for free at a nearby state resevoir.

  51. Kelly D says

    I take my kids on nature walks, to the parks, to free movies, library events, free art programs and any free events I see advertised that look like fun.

  52. says

    We go to one of our local parks with a bag lunch and after the kids play awhile
    we go on some of the walking trails.

  53. ten b says

    we do the library reading program – a free kids event every week. and also , several local museums / attractions have free days.

  54. Linda says

    My husband and I like to take our sons outside to play touch football in the middle of our street.

  55. Denny k says

    Our school participated in a reading program that gave each kid a free ticket to six flags!

  56. Sarah says

    We take a stroll around the neighborhood, visit different parks to play, or go to family night at the local children’s museum.

  57. Natalie says

    We like to go feed the ducks at the lake and also watch movies at the Park on Fridays!

  58. jackie says

    We rent movies from Redbox, one comedy and one adventure pop popcorn enjoy family time together.

  59. Sara Bilodeau says

    My kids love to spend the day at the lake, it’s only $3 per car to get in, you can stay all day, and it’s really easy to bring snacks or a packed lunch from home.

    We also have discounted kid’s movie tickets during the summer that are only a $1.

  60. Marsha Hinton says

    there is a kite flying association in our state and when they have a local kite fly we can go watch and they usually have free kites so the kids can participate and it is all free.

  61. Shelley H. says

    Walks in our park. Then “frozen coffee drinks”~made @ home with picnic chicken.

  62. Tami Vollenweider says

    It’s just me and my husband and we love to go looking at the Flea Market!

  63. Stephanie says

    Going to the library story hour during the summer is free and lots of fun

  64. carrie ruffo says

    We LOVE to go feed the ducks…… a couple $1 loaves of bread and instant fun for the kids…. plus the ducks sure don’t mind!

  65. Doris Hernandez says

    Our family goes bike riding at the park, and then we treat ourselves to some ice cream.

  66. katherine says

    We like to make homemade strawberry lemonade and relax in the sun

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  67. Laura R says

    We have The Henry Ford, the greatest American History attraction, not far from us. We get a yearly pass, so we can go in for free every day, if we want to. With how much we go throughout the year, I know it works out to less than $5 a visit. We stroll through Greenfield Village almost every weekend for an hour or an afternoon. It’s a wonderful place and we love it! Our daughter has purchased a “ride pass” for us, so we can take the train around the Village any time….something we do EVERY time! Love making those memories with my parents and my children.

  68. Sara C. says

    On weekends, go to a festival which is usually free. Like, craft festival, peach festival, cranberry festival, art festival etc.

  69. Tracey M. says

    I would like to have a water balloon fight with my family this summer!

  70. Melissa M says

    The first Tuesday of every month, one of the local museums has free admissions all day. The museum is great, and so are all the well-manicured grounds surrounding it. The kids love going there, which I am very grateful for, because when I was their age, most kids seemed to hate museums. We plan to go every first Tuesday, and it will only cost us about $1 in gas.

  71. Sharon Adams says

    We like to take a walk around the lake and get some fresh air and exercise.

  72. Min Dong says

    We like to pack a light picnic lunch and go disc golf. Our local disc golf courses are free and open to the public!

  73. Kristie says

    Our favorite summer frugal activity is going fishing! We go to a special spot we know, I pack sandwiches etc and we fish all morning. Not only we don’t spend much but usually we get a meal out of the fish we catch! And the scenery is amazing! Thanks!

  74. Diana says

    During the summer it’s important to stay cool under the sun, so my family and I head over to the local Dollar Tree and buy 2 bags of water ballons, a bottle of suncreen, and bag of chips for the munchies, we will up the ballons overnight and put them in a bucket, head over to the park and have a water ballon fight ! :3

  75. Kristen says

    We like to go to the library and bring home a bunch of new books to read.

  76. Elizabeth R says

    Going to the lake where my family can walk around then bring our dog to the dog park. If we stay in, we rent movies from Redbox.

  77. Dawn says

    We love to go letterboxing. Go to and pick your spot and print off your clues. Its a great way for families to work together, get exercise, spend some quality time together and get out and see some new parks you may not have even known were there. Best part is it is usually free. Occasionally we have to pay a park pass but for most of them you don’t. We made our own stamp and bought a simple notebook and ink pad. When you find the hidden box you stamp your stamp in the log book and stamp their stamp in yours. Just like a real treasure hunt in your own neighborhood!

  78. Melissa says

    every summer the Friday before the 4th of july we spend it at memorial park for the free concert and fireworks that the bank of the west puts on , its free to go in we take a cooler full of water and snacks from home and games and we spend the whole day there we have done it for at east the last 12 years ive seen a lot of great bands that I grew up listening to and ill be there again this year as well :)

  79. Elizabeth says

    We like to split a box of popsicles. Sometime just eating a treat in the backyard is a lot of fun. :)

  80. Biswajit Ghosh says

    I would like to have ice cream with my family under the shade of a tree in the summer. :)

  81. rose says

    On one of the first nice weekends we do ice cream dinner. We usually go to dq and we each get an ice cream cone for dinner. My daughter looks forward to it every year.

  82. Martha says

    We like to take drives to check out local Parks and State Parks in our area.

  83. Patty Lorenz says

    We like to go to rummage sales and have ice cream or go for long walks thru a park or go for a bike ride.

  84. Mark says

    It is fun to invite friends over to play in the sprinklers and have ice cream sandwiches.

  85. Laura says

    Our family just a family day! We bought some flower seed packets ($1 for 4 packs) and started a flower garden. My 3 year old daughter is so excited to wake up each morning and water, and wait for her flowers to bloom!

  86. Robin Bouza says

    We like to take a drive and have a picnic. I pack everything we need, so it doesn’t cost us a dime. (not counting gas $$) We take the dog with us and try to find somewhere with water. She loves to play in it, and chase the ducks! Our kids are grown and out of the house, so she’s our kid now.

  87. Rachel says

    Some things the kids and I love to do are go to the free concerts in the park, museum day at the park, movie night at the museum, parks in general, swimming at the river, and waterballoon fights to name a few. :)

  88. Jennifer Flavin says

    We have a family of five with three children between the ages of 5 and 12. Some of our favorite family activities include going to the Regal Cinemas when they show free children movies during the week. We like to utilize the Google Field Trip App to see which museums or local attractions are hosting free events that we can take advantage of that is within driving distance. We like being outdoors and enjoy fishing and hiking and taking advantage of nature. During the summer our family is very active and we try to do everything as frugal as possible to demonstrate to our kids that it really doesn’t take a whole lot of money to have fun!

  89. Gina says

    During the summer months one of our favorite things to do as a family, is to head our local Costco food court! We get ice cream for well under $5 for the five of us, then we head to the park or lake if its really hot. Since their ice cream portions are so big we can split them, and if you ask they even will split the ice cream into two cups, makes my boys happy!

  90. vicki boyd says

    there are 4 of us and we go to dairy queen and all get a ice cream cone on Fridays for under $5.

  91. Stephanie Eldreth says

    Camping. I really want to take my 6 yr old granddaughter camping this year. I think she would have a blast

  92. Jackie says

    We like to go to the $1 movies at Regal. If it’s just me and the kids it’s $3 and we bring our own snacks or sometimes I pack a lunch and we go to a park afterwards and have a picnic then play. It keeps them entertained and it’s easy and cheap for me!

  93. shannon c says

    During the summer months, one of our favorite things to do as a family is stay inside and play games while it’s really hot. When it starts to cool down, usually after dinner, we head to our local park and walk around. Afterwards we walk on the rocks in the river to cool off. Other days we pack a picnic lunch, sunscreen and towels and head to the lake. Doesn’t really matter what you’re doing with the kids as long as you’re spending time and focused on them.

  94. Jennifer says

    We love heading down the street to spend a day at the beach or just hanging out in the pool on our yard. Anytime spent with everyone together is awesome!

  95. ErinT says

    We take our girls to the local state parks…we go swimming, play on the playgrounds, and play disc golf!

  96. Audrey says

    We love to go for walks in our neighborhood. It gives us time to talk and enjoy each other’s company.

  97. Linda Nye says

    We are building a fort the old fashioned way! Gather or cut trees/branches approx. 15 ft. long & 2 in. in diameter for the frame (20+). Place against a large horizontal tree branch of a tree on both sides, then a few for the back. Frame it like a tent or get fancy & create any shape you like. Set poles approx. 10 in. apart. Next, fill in with many evergreen tree branches. They easily weave and pile on the poles. Your structure should last more than a month. Be creative. Use 2 adjacent trees with similar height horizontal branches for a structure with a roof. You can use grape vine to secure poles together. We also build furniture out of rocks. The idea is to use anything in the forest. I built a couch out of rocks (Flintstones-LOL).

  98. Becki Daley says

    My children and I love to Geocache. The only cost to us is gas to get to the cache, other then that it is complete free.

  99. Tiffany says

    Our family has big cookouts at my moms house, and this summer she is putting up a pool so with 5 bucks we would buy a nice side item to take to a day of family fun.

  100. darya keating says

    I live in staten island ,NY and we have a free ferry going to the city. The ride alone is a lot of fun and sight seeing. And then we walk in a city, Battery park ,not too far from the ferry. To make this more fun, we buy sweets at the ferry terminal and enjoy it outside on a fresh air.

  101. Kim Gillis says

    Sitting on the front porch having a cup a java with my husband, watching the sun come up and listing to the birds signing.

  102. Carrel J says

    We look for free water fountain/playgrounds and let them enjoy, while the adults talk and take pictures.

  103. Carrie Aiken says

    We love going to the park, so we’ll definitely be doing that this summer!

  104. Stephanie DeMarr says

    A big bucket of water, these squirter things you can get at the dollar store some sunscreen and we have an afternoon on good fun on a hot day:)

  105. Amy Carlo says

    We like to go to the park! We have many nice parks in our area that have beautiful lakes and fountains and its nice to walk around or just sit and relax.

  106. Lori Ryan says

    Sitting on the patio drinking lemonade and catching up I each other’s lives

  107. Yvonne G. says

    We take the dog for a walk to the park. We all get exercise and it’s usually a fun outing.

  108. Dominique DeCoster says

    My mom an I walk on the beach for exercise, and it only costs us the change for the parking meter :)

  109. Shelly Rodwell says

    We go to $1 scoop ice cream on Mondays during the summer, it’s a great treat and cheap way to spend time w/ my family.

  110. Laurie Parfitt says

    The sandbox becomes a free treasure during the summer. We try to find the most unusual items to make sand pies with, truck mountains, and treasure hunts. When that becomes boring after a long while, we add a little water to step it up!

  111. Dianne McKinney says

    My favorite thing to do during the summer is to take leisurely walks look at the lovely flowers visit with friends and enjoy the wonderful weather

  112. Mary Clinton says

    Our favorite thing to do for less than $5 will always be water balloons. You can get a huge pack of balloons for under $5. We create our own games to play using the balloons and then once we have had enough of the games then the real fun starts :) An all out battle where everyone is a target!

  113. Mary Ann Westcott says

    Blowing bubbles on the front steps with my grandchildren after dinner! Priceless!

  114. Emily says

    I love going swimming at the beach with my husband, or going out on his family’s boat. It costs us nothing! This year we will be able to take our baby (who is due in June) I’m so excited!!

  115. Candace says

    We love to go to the local nature park. It has a playground and a great nature walk.

  116. Miriam Moenich says

    We have a $1.00 movie theater in Raleigh. For $5.00 my husband, son, daughter and I could enjoy a Saturday night family movie and have $1.00 left over!!

  117. Debra G says

    Go to the park, lake, creek, or fireworks show with a blanket and picnic lunch. Sometimes I can use coupons to get pizza for $5.00. We play, fish, read, swim, talk, sing and enjoy each other.

  118. Blue says

    I like to drive out to the county line bridge at low water dam, the later days of June, or early July, just before dark. The fireflies come out and file the trees along the river banks and it’s stunningly beautiful, and we just and watch the light show and talk about life.

    Sometimes we go out to a country road and find a field with lots of sweetgrass, and pick a few sacks full. Then we bring it home, dry it and grind it to a powder, then coat bamboo sticks to make sweetgrass incense.

    Best of all, we will stake some sticks in the back yard and tie twine between them, throw a sheet over the twine, and make a tent, and sleep the night in the back yard, spending a lot of the time watching sky, locating the constellations.

  119. Rose Strahm says

    We enjoy a free splash pad in the area or the Madison zoo. Also free.

  120. pam says

    I like to take my kids to the animal shelter and visit the dogs. Occasionally we’re allowed to walk some of them. It’s a great day for us as well as them!

  121. Susie B says

    We find out when museums, gardens, and science centers are free, and then go during those times (going early before it gets crowded). Movie houses in our area sometimes have $1 movie showings. When it gets hot: there’s always sprinklers or slip n slide.

  122. Mara Cain says

    I take my granddaughter for ice cream cones and then we sit outside watching the trains go by and counting the cars.

  123. Anne says

    Summer brings to mind many ideas of things that have little or no cost that our family can do together!
    1. Watermelon seed spitting contest
    2. Summer reading at the library
    3. Watching fireworks together on the 4th of July
    4. Enjoying our town’s 4th of July parade, with a stop at the donut store on the way!
    5. Playing Bocce ball at the grandparents’ house with the extended family

  124. Corie Eisner says

    We like to spend time together swimming at the pool, then having a picnic, and finishing up with hula-hooping or Frisbee. It’s all about enjoying each other and the wonderful summer weather.

  125. Kelly L says

    We have BBQ’s all summer long and keep a corn hole tournament going at each one. Everyone participates and it’s fun to watch the improvements, especially with the kids. Keeps everyone active and talking.

  126. JoLee Frederiksen says

    We like to play bean bags in the drive way with other people in the neighborhood.

  127. Melanie Lee says

    My son loves to go bowling during the summer with the kids bowl for free program.

  128. Debby McLean says

    I like to enjoy a free sundae at Culver’s with my family. We use a BOGO coupon to keep our cost below $5.00.

  129. Tabathia B says

    We participate in the summer reading program and go the $1 movie for kids

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com