Amazon: Sale on Fitness Gear


Amazon’s Gold Box Deal is for up to 40% Off several Fitness Gear items including things such as kettlebells, medicine balls, and other essentials for your home functional fitness box.

Here are a few of my favorite fitness items:


Power Yoga Plus with Denise Austin. She’s one of my favorite trainers. Very inspiring and has a very calming voice that helps keep you motivated. You may want to pick up a Yoga Mat if you don’t already have one.


Any of the Zumba Fitness games which helps get in some exercise and dance moves all in one.


Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred – A tough workout. I do recommend you try to get in some rest days each week if you do this.


Tai Chi for Beginners – if you are looking for a calming DVD.


Walking DVDs by Leslie Sansone if you are just starting out with exercise. There’s even one that comes with a Pedometer


If you have a goal of conquering a stair climb this year, I used this one to train for mine: Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper. I climbed the Sears (Willis) Tower in 2012. Talk about a workout!!!


Training for a 5K? I recommend this book: The Courage To Start: A Guide To Running for Your Life if you are new to running. Great motivator!!


And no matter what workout you are doing, you’ll need to drink more water! I have this Water Infuser Bottle which is nice if you want to add flavoring to your water through fruit without any extra sugar, etc.