Walmart: Deal on Zoomer


Walmart has Zoomer in-stock for $79.97. This particular one is a Walmart exclusive “Zoomie.”

This is the lowest price I’ve seen since Black Friday weekend. I know these are becoming hard to find, as well.

Here’s a little product info from their site:

Introducing Zoomer’s best friend, Zoomie! She’s playful, funny and incredibly cute. Just like a real dog, you can teach her everything a puppy needs to know. Call Zoomie’s name, teach her tricks and watch sweet hearts swell in her eyes when you rub her belly. This playful pup has four exclusive tricks that only she can perform. She’s smart, too — this tri-lingual dog understands English, Spanish and French. She’ll even follow your movements with her precious puppy eyes. Kids will love how Zoomie pup excitedly wags her tail and responds to commands. Take good care of her, and she may even give you kisses. Download the free iOS or Android training app, and teach your Zoomie toy how to lay down, roll over, play dead and more!

Zoomer’s Best Friend, Zoomie:
~Zoomie pup can bark, talk, scoot around and play
~Just like a real puppy, your Zoomie toy loves to learn new tricks
~Teach her to speak, sit, lay down, rollover, shake a paw, give kisses, and more
~Zoomie pup understands commands in English, Spanish and French
~Recharge Zoomie by using her included USB cable
~Includes: Zoomie, USB charging cable, instruction guide, reference guide


UPDATE: The Zoomer with Bonus Hoodie just popped back into stock for $79.97, as well! WOW!!! That went quick!!! He’s gone already. Sorry if you missed it!