Gift Idea: Disney Never Girls Book Collection


What I like about our library is that they display several books on the tops of their shelves that tend to be new, popular or for a particular holiday/season that may be going on. It’s great because I often stumble upon books that I may not have known existed.

A few months ago, I found Never Girls #1: In a Blink (Disney Fairies). We were in need of a new chapter book and since we are TinkerBell fans, I thought this one might work perfectly.

When I was asking around to quite a few of my friends they hadn’t heard of the series either and were thrilled when I told them about it. I just wanted to share this book series with you in case you need a gift idea for fan of books and/or a fan of fairies, such as TinkerBell. My daughter loved listening to more stories with TinkerBell in it.


They do sell a box Set of 4 books (currently $15.39) which is a good deal as it’s like getting one book for free but I do want to mention how there is a 5th book out so you wouldn’t have that one.

If you don’t have books on your gift list, you may want to add it to your library list for something to check out!

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