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  1. says

    I love going to my mother’s house on Christmas morning. It always feels so warm and inviting and reminiscent of younger years. She works hard to make it very special for us.

  2. Kelly Sunderland says

    Watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street on Christmas Eve with my kids just like I did when I was little.

  3. BJ Bowden says

    Favorite holiday tradition is our thankful journal that everyone each year writes in something they are thankful for. It is fun to go back and look at past year entries.

  4. Corrine says

    My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas Eve dinner at my parents house. It is always good food and time with my favorite people!

  5. ruth b says

    We always spend time Christmas Eve driving through different neighborhoods looking at the lights around everyone’s houses. One thing I would like to do differently is to incorporate a scavenger hunt to look for things like a nativity, Santa, all purple lights, etc.

  6. Priscilla says

    Luv making tamales with my family at my grandmas house, we all get together have some wine and make an assembly line! LOL its really fun

  7. Jennifer Tolson says

    A favorite tradition was always making pies with my grandmother. Our pies didn’t look great but they always tasted delicious! I miss those laughs I share with my grandmother when we were looking at how ugly our pies turned out. (She passed away 3 years ago on Nov. 18th).

  8. kayla says

    For christmas we always get together to decorate my parent’s xmas tree at their house as well as full christmas decor for the living room. while decorating as a family we listen to christmas music, sing along and video tape the whole thing while drinking hot chocolate.

  9. Heather H says

    I love decorating the tree with the kids and watching them make snowflakes out of coffee filters!

  10. Sheri says

    Going to my mother’s house the Saturday before Christmas is always a fine time. She decorates 2 Christmas trees and has the house is beautifully decorated. Since having children, I have always made sure we stayed home on Christmas day, so my daughter’s can enjoy their time at home all day.

  11. Leslie says

    We always used to bake pineapple filled cookies on the day we decorated the house and put up the tree.

  12. Trish Battin says

    Our favorite tradition is giving the kids one gift on Christmas Eve, which is always new pajamas to wear that night. It is a tradition thats been passed down from my parents and we will continue it and hope our kids will do the same when they have kids.

  13. Cindy rieger says

    Growing up, my family always celebrate St.Nick day on Dec 6th. We would have a big dinner and lots of desserts

  14. Kari Horak says

    Yes please! My favorite holiday tradition isn’t about all the gifts. It’s truly about being able to spend time with family and friends. Thanks!

  15. Tonya T says

    The Elf on the shelf is one of my favorite things. Never know where he will be found each morning.

  16. Nicky Zurawski says

    Just being with our family and enjoying watching the kids open presents is a wonderful tradition. Santa comes every year special to visit with the kids.

  17. pam thompson says

    We always wait until Thanksgiving to take our annual vacation to the beach with both of our families.

  18. Barbra Toth says

    I love that we pick names on Thanksgiving for a gift exchange for all the kids on Christmas!

  19. Lori Taylor says

    Im going to be starting our own xmas traditions with my 15 month old baby boy and husband. I buy a xmas book, regular childrens book, pajamas, and some type of snack. Xmas eve my lil one will open his presents and we will have a xmas eve family reading.

  20. Molly says

    Favorite holiday thing to do: turn out all the lights except the Christmas tree, put on Christmas music and snuggle with my kids talking about Christmas!

  21. Michelle Wagner says

    My favorite tradition is opening gifts on Christmas Eve while watching Christmas shows on TV.

  22. Tina says

    Since my kids were born, my mom always comes over on Christmas morning to see the kids open their gifts from Santa and to each cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

  23. says

    My favorite tradition is to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my entire family – that is close to 20 people. Thanks for a chance to win. Happy Holidays!

  24. Tina says

    Tweeted the giveaway on Twitter. I love Amazon & a gift card would be very helpful this time of year. Thank you!

  25. Caroline Holt says

    Spending time with my boys and traveling to see my mother. I always cook during the holidays.

  26. Heidi says

    Spending time with my daughters. My mother would lock the doors and just spend “us” time. Now I get to have that time with my daughters.

  27. Samantha Chansombath says

    A definite follower on facebook!
    My family we always spend thanksgiving feasting at golden corrals buffet only because my mother she always worked on the holidays. however this year will be different! She will be working on thanksgiving but is off on black friday! So for that matter I will be cooking up a feast and celebrating it with my family and my new little family since I got married a year ago and have a 6 month old daughter! Thanksgiving this year is just too exciting this year!

  28. Brandi Jarrett says

    One of our favorite Christmas traditions is driving around town to see the Christmas lights. My kids think it’s as much fun as an amusement park :)

  29. Jennifer Miarka says

    My favorite tradition is to make a huge overnight breakfast casserole the night before. Then in the morning all I have to do is pop it in the oven. When the rest of the family wakes up it is ready to eat and the whole house smells wonderful!

  30. Sandy says

    My favorite tradition is putting up the tree on Black Friday and watching Christmas movies all day long!

  31. Delaine Johnson says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is taking the kids and going to the Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. My husband likes to get the perfect one which makes me a little crazy, and cold, but it wouldn’t be Christmas without our giant tree.

  32. Jackie W says

    One of our favorite family traditions is watching Christmas movies together, and playing holiday songs on our piano.

  33. Jackie says

    My mom loved Thanksgiving, growing up it was her holiday. She raised 5 kids as a single mom, and we all are doing pretty darn well, thanks to her!. Mom passes away on December 31,1992. Every year since then, and before, we all get together for dinner that day,fixing all the foods that we always knew would be there when she was the cook. Now our families have grown, there grandkids she never got to meet, and even great grandkids, they all seem to enjoy that day and love hearing the stories about us growing up.

  34. Lynn Smith says

    My daughter’s love in decorating for the holidays. Each year she
    Puts such pride thought and.
    iove into it. She started when she was in her. Early twenties. Now. She. Has. A 16 year old son. He will never forget. And I’m sure will want to carry ur on when he has his own family. I’m very proud she wants to give if herself as she does.

  35. Ashley Paige says

    My favorite tradition is throwing reindeer food in the yard, so Santa can find us :) The smiles on my children’s faces seeing the footprints leading to the tree as well is another favorite :)

  36. Sherron says

    We always go to my aunt’s house for Christmas. Our tradition for the last couple of years is compete against each other on the Wii to “Just Dance”, whichever new one is out. We pair up and battle each other (adults mainly). It is so much fun.

  37. says

    One of our Thanksgiving traditions is to gather around the table after dinner with wine and dessert and flip through the Black Friday ads together and create our shopping plans! This year might be much different though since all the stores will be open when we normally are sitting and planning. :/

  38. Carrie Aiken says

    Going around town to look at the lights. Out local spot to see are the Messenger’s home in Baton Rouge!

  39. Ashley Brungard says

    Making decorated cookies for Santa Claus and my husband and I staying up super super late tip toeing all around the house

  40. Christine Welch says

    My favorite tradition is baking recipes that were handed down with my kids every night then cuddling on couch with kids to watch Christmas movies.

  41. Amanda says

    Having chicken noodle soup and summer sausage sandwiches at my Grandma’s for her birthday on Christmas Eve.

  42. Jennifer says

    We observe the Feast of St. Nicholas by leaving our shoes and stockings out on December 6th for a treat in the morning!

  43. Brandy says

    Preparing all the food with my daughter. Although she is now only 7, over the past 3 years we have so much fun. We taste test everything and even have a few food fights. I am looking forward to this for many years to come! :~)

  44. shannon c says

    My favorite thing about Christmas is spending quality time with those you love. It’s not about gifts.

  45. josephine says

    We always put up the Christmas tree on my birthday, but before it comes out all the kids make another ornament to add. We still have ones from when I was in Kindergarten in the early 70s.

  46. Candice says

    We would open one present on Christmas Eve, and the rest on Christmas as a kid. I still do this today.

  47. Dawn says

    I love reading the Christmas Story in the Bible with all of my cousins at the gathering we have every year.

  48. Annette Ibata says

    My favorite tradition is taking my three kids yearly photo sitting in a red wagon. This is year 13!

  49. Evelyn Graham says

    Over the years, I’ve saved many $$ by subscribing via email. I also “like” you on Facebook. Thanks for all your effort in providing us with such a great site!

  50. Kassandra says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is having our family put out all of our Christmas decorations on the day after Thanksgiving with Manheim Steamroller playing (this process takes a LOT of time!) and then watching The Polar Express together snuggled in our warm jammies. Nothing like that to get in the holiday spirit!

  51. Kim says

    We have many personal traditions to make the season special. One of our favorites is to make a paper chain to countdown to Jesus’ birthday. On each link we write down names of those we want to pray for each day; teachers, neighbors, mailman, store cashier, etc. With a family of five we must dig deep for new recipients as no one may use the same person on the chain!

  52. kimberly says

    Sleeping in and letting the girls go thru their stockings usually keeps them entertained an extra 45 minutes or so…

  53. Mary Ann Westcott says

    I love to spend Christmas Eve with my husband , children, grandchildren ,parents, cousins and their families -aunts and uncles . Each year there are new members to enjoy and welcome. It takes a village and every Christmas Eve- ours grows with love and faith!

  54. Mai-Ly Nguyen says

    My favorite tradition is putting white Christmas lights up on my tree trunks. My whole neighborhood does it and it looks like a winter wonderland!

  55. Delvis Quinones says

    We buy new PJ’s for Chritsmas and watch Christmas movies. We also call Santa to know we’re he’s at before we go to sleep.

  56. Jackie H. says

    one of my favorite holiday traditions is drinking hot chocolate while decorating one of our (two!) christmas trees!

  57. Dave says

    I dont know if there is just one favorite, I love decorating and going to a neighborhood that does alot of lights that you can walk or ride a horse carriage through,,,cookies and eggnog for Santa! :)

  58. Scott Sr says

    Decorating the Christmas tree with my son. he’s a 19 month old filled with holiday spirit and joy!

  59. Dawn says

    I subscribe to you newsletter. Thank you for all your hard work in putting together deals! I love to open my newsletter and see what you have in store for me today!

  60. Laura R says

    Going, as a family, to church on Christmas Eve. Both of my kids play in the Christmas orchestra. Such a wonderful and special family tradition!

  61. Laura R says

    I already “like” Coupon Geek (actually “love” it!) :). I’ll check out glowing gazelles now!

  62. Tracy weber says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is getting a Christmas ornament each year. I loved getting to box up all of my ornaments from my childhood to bring to my new house. I am now continuing the tradition by getting each of my boys an ornament each year.

  63. Stefanie Ecuyer says

    On Dec. 6, St. Nicholas Day, my boys wake up to find their boots that they set out the night before, filled with goodies. This is a wonderful German tradition that I grew up with.

  64. Erin S. says

    I enjoy decorating the tree with my kids because they remember the ornaments we’ve been collecting.

  65. Jennifer Roberts says

    One of my favorite holiday tradtions is cooking and having dinner here with my family-just my husband, kids and I.

  66. Diane says

    Our Holiday Tradition is getting up the Christmas Tree by Thanksgiving, and watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving show on television on Thanksgiving evening, then after dessert……looking at all the sales in the paper and getting ready for cyber Monday. Great time spent with family and friends :)
    I subscribed to the newsletter and liked on facebook and tweeted.
    Thank You Facebook

  67. Sherry Rini says

    Our Holiday tradition is to visit our local church’s holiday light exhibit on Christmas eve. We like to drive around and look at people’s decorations as well.

  68. Norma says

    I always like the “I am thankful for ______” from each family member at the Thanksgiving table. I learned from my grandchildren how important it is to be together.

  69. cheryl s says

    we put up a gorgeous D56 Dickens village with over 50 buildings and all the accessories – when lit up it’s stunning. Hubby cut out a Styrofoam base and mountain scene – it’s so pretty.

  70. steve weber says

    favorite tradition is Christmas Eve- we go to a nice restaurant and then a candle lit church service.

  71. says

    I love to play board games with the grand kids on the holidays. buying a new game every year makes them wonder what it will be then playing their favorites.

  72. Andrea D. says

    I love driving around looking at Christmas lights with my whole family. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  73. Susanna says

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is making Christmas sugar cookies, and decorating them with different colors of frosting & sprinkles! Then, sharing them with friends, family & neighbors.

  74. Carrel J says

    Favorite tradition: signing the extended family Thanksgiving tablecloth. .. even though I have a hard time narrowing down my blessings to a small place to write them. Gets smaller every year, esp. as the family grows!

  75. courtney pawloski says

    We decorate gingerbread cookies……all crazy and such….the kids pick the theme. Last year it was Gingerbread- Zombies!

  76. Linda B says

    My favorite holiday tradition is taking the grandchildren to see all the Christmas displays in our town. Some people go all out & the kids are thrilled to see all the scenes. After we have hot chocolate with marshmallows. Even the older ones don’t want to miss out on this tradition that started when they were toddlers.

  77. Linda says

    We celebrate on Christmas Eve and go out to look for SANTA but always miss him. When we get back home he has always been there and delivered the gifts

  78. says

    My favorite tradition is reading The Night Before Christmas aloud with my family. We each bring $1 gifts wrapped up, sit in a circle and pass the gifts to the right whenever we read the word ‘and’ in the story. We have had some good laughs doing this over the years!

  79. Laura Rogers says

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to Pizza Hut on Christmas eve for dinner. I know it sounds odd, but when my brothers and I were young, my mom needed us out from under foot (as I learned later, to wrap the presents from Santa ;). Dad took us to Pizza Hut and a tradition was born. My father passed away a few years ago and my brothers and I don’t live near one another, but we always hit Pizza Hut on Christmas eve with our own families.

  80. CJ says

    I dont have many holiday traditions anymore since I live alone and dont have family around for holidays. But I have great memories of helping my mom cook Thanksgiving dinner every year when I was little. Chocolate pudding pie was always my favorite!

  81. says

    Our family likes to eat later in the day. So while cooking we sit down and watch the Macy’s parade. It is like the thing that sets the holiday season off. It was like that when I was a kid and I have passed it on the my children. We talk in the kitchen and make food and laugh and catch up on new things and talk about old times.

  82. Sheryl says

    I signed up for your emails. My favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve my grandson whom I’m raising,we get in our pajamas. I let him open 1 present.We put on a Christmas movie & eat popcorn.I really enjoy spending time together.Thank you :]

  83. Virginia says

    On Thanksgiving my grandchildren decorate “their” tree with ornaments that I keep
    just for them.

  84. says

    Spending time helping my mother cook dinner and talking about past Holidays.

    Coupon Geek has really helped me save money .
    Thanks for the help.

  85. Cheryl Abdelnour says


  86. says

    My most favorite time of the holidays is when my entire family gathers on Christmas evening to share a meal, presents, and conversation.

  87. Alina says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is making homemade cards and singing christmas carols around the christmas tree!

  88. Tammy says

    Our favorite holiday tradition is setting up our special advent candles that my boys picked out several years ago. Each time we have a family meal together we light the a candle for each week of Advent.

  89. Lisette Ramos says

    I love that we have a big dinner on the eve and we open some presents for the kids and they can open some more on the day of.

  90. Tracie Saunders says

    Favorite holiday tradition is staying super late on Christmas Eve wrapping all the gifts~!

  91. lupe says

    My favorite tradition is we gather together as a family and
    Decorate our tree with my 4 and 3 year old and
    And our new addition to the family who is 2 months old!!!!!

  92. Jennifer T. says

    My favorite family tradition is building and decorating a gingerbread house every year.

  93. Diane L. says

    My favorite tradition is going to church as a family for the Christmas Eve candlelight service.

  94. Megan G says

    Our tradition is to drive around town on Christmas Eve to see all the Christmas decorations people have up before coming home to hot cocoa.

  95. says

    One of my favorite traditions is going out to look at Christmas lights as a family. It has been my favorite ever since I was a kid and now I do it with my kids.

  96. Laura says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is going to the candle-light Christmas Eve service at our church. Friends from near and far return every year for this tradition. We read the Christmas story from the Bible, sing carols, and close the service by singing Silent Night, while holding candles. All the other lights in the church are off- this moment is sacred-special, and even though I live in Africa now- it is what I most look forward to when coming home- seeing the faces of those I love and miss throughout the year- lite up by candle-light, singing ALL is Calm, ALL is bright…

  97. Samantha says

    Our longest-standing xmas tradition is to open our presents one by one from under the tree on xmas morning. The youngest gets first pick of the first present, unless a pet has their paws on one already. We pick them for each other, and then each person picks another one for someone else to unwrap. The rule is you can’t grab one with your name on it. Not only does it extend the xmas morning unwrapping, but everyone gets to see what everyone has been given and gets to see how people react to what you’ve given them.

  98. Anne says

    I have a one year old and I hope to introduce him to the joy of looking at Christmas lights around town this year! It is a tradition that I want to continue with him.

  99. Pam says

    We have a tradition of letting our son put the Christmas Angel on top of the tree. He likes it a lot :)

  100. Laura J says

    One of our favorite holiday traditions for our family is the Rudolph Kiss! During the night on Christmas Eve…we put a small red lipstick dot on each kids hand. In the morning…they get so excited to see their kiss from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer during the night!

  101. sara haaf says

    One of my earliest memories is making a special cookie we make every year. I now make them with my son, it’s fun and delicious.

  102. Heather Eady says

    I love going to the local Christmas lights show on Christmas with my girls :) my mother use to take us and now that she’s passed I’ve taken over the tradition :)

  103. Celeste Zavala says

    Email subscriber, also liked on Facebook.

    My favorite tradition is cut down the Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving.

  104. Lisa Gregory says

    My favorite tradition is my husband reading our girl’s The Night Before Christmas and getting to open one present before bed.

  105. Jeanie Solt says

    I’m following on fav tradition is everyone in my family has an ornament & every year we get together to place our ornaments on the tree.

  106. dawn g says

    One of my favorite holiday tradition is decorating the house while listening to Christmas music.

  107. Melissa says

    Favorite holiday tradition with my kids is when we first bring our tree home. We always play Elvis Presley/Classic Christmas music, make hot chocolate, buy pillsbury holiday cookies and decorate our tree as a family. We do this every single year :)

  108. Christine says

    Putting out cookies for Santa (although from time to time, Mom forgets about the cookies and Santa lucks out with popcorn and Pepsi)

  109. Kristina says

    Our holiday tradition is to have a “year” ornament every year. Some have a family photo and others are just special for other reasons.

  110. Kari Horak says

    I enjoy spending time with family and friends during the holidays. After all that is what Christmas is about. :)

  111. Melissa says

    Shared the post via facebook on my Cali Couponing page also! :) thanks for doing the giveaway! Good luck everyone!

  112. Michelle N says

    My favorite tradition is watching Christmas movies with the kids in our PJs with the Christmas tree lights on and hot cocoa and snacks.

  113. says

    My favorite tradition is driving to the neighborhoods that go all out, and enjoying the Xmas lights & decorations with my kids. Also decorating gingerbread houses together.

  114. Brandy says

    I love our Christmas tradition of taking the kids to Hallmark & they both get to choose an ornament. When they are ready to leave home for good, they will take all of their ornaments they have aquired over the years.

  115. Jessica W says

    My favorite tradition is decorating our tree while listening to Christmas music and drinking hot chocolate!

  116. Rachel Holl says

    My favorite Holiday Tradition is baking cookies with my family, and after enjoying a nice dinner and opening presents. Never fails to make my Christmas amazing

  117. Julia Bergman says

    Christmas Tradition: 24 hour marathon of The Christmas Story on TbS every Christmas eve

  118. says

    I am newer to liking all the facebook pages. I use to just use it to chat and exchange pics. Friends have turned me onto alo of mommy sites and I found coupon geek to be one of my favorites also very useful with great ideas. being I am a single mom of 5, currently unemployed. coupons, deals and giveaways are right up my alley. my luck on the other hand not so good, but here goes nothing! Fingers crossed,lol!

  119. Cathy Kline says

    Every Christmas I bake our moms special cookies..none of my brothers or sisters do, they love getting them from me..I cant make as many as I used to, as the ingredients have gotten so expensive..but I still make each of them a few :)

  120. Ashley says

    My most favorite holiday tradition is the day my family goes to the tree farm to choose a tree. We take forever deciding on the perfect tree. Sometimes it is freezing cold but we don’t mind because we want the best looking tree! We then take it home and blast Holiday music and drink hot chocolate while decorating the tree. It is the day I look forward to all year!

  121. Jessica Hernandez says

    I love decorating the tree with my kids each year. They are finally old enough to hang ornaments without help!

  122. Lisette Ramos says

    We love to celebrate Christmas on the eve of then the kids open more presents on Christmas Day.

  123. Rebecca says

    My favorite tradition is to put codes on the boxes under the tree so no one knows which packaged are for whom and then watch the kids try to figure it out.

  124. Dawn S says

    My family’s favorite holiday tradition is driving around to see all of the beautiful lights and decorations!

  125. Nikki Radoichin says

    I already liked Coupon Geek and now like Glowing Gazelle. But I really LOVE Coupon Geek! Great tips, advice, and coupons! Thanks!

  126. Vickie says

    Oh..we have so many traditions we love..but always a fave is to fix a night pick nick and go to the boat parade..even better when cold we can have chili and thermos of hot chocolate…

  127. amber says

    our fave holiday tradition is Christmas eve at my mom’s , where we eat appetizers and desserts

  128. donna antolak says

    My fav Christmas tradition is seeing a play. Our daughter was in the “Christmas Carole” and ever since we have loved the way it relaxes and gets you in the holiday spirit……

  129. Clare Tea says

    My favorite holiday tradition is sitting down for the Christmas dinner with my entire family and the table all set and ready!

  130. Loretta Mirus says

    Christmas Vacation Movie with Chevy Chase. I have been watching this movie every year since it came out and my kids and I make this our family tradition to watch it and eat snacks on Christmas Eve…. we have some family similarities in relatives and that makes it even funnier!

  131. Lawanna says

    One of my favorite holiday traditions is to bake Grandma’s christmas goodies…from her recipe