Possible Coupons: Krakus, Libby’s, Kashi and Fisher-Price

I was printing my own coupons for the day and I noticed a few that I didn’t have direct links to. Sometimes, these are regional, other times we just don’t get links for them. Thought I’d share a few I saw so you can see if you have them too:


$1 Off Krakus Ham Coupon – I see these often go on sale in the deli area.


$1/4 Libby’s Vegetables Coupon – Our grocery stores don’t carry these but I think I’ve seen them at some of the dollar stores before.

kashi hummus-crisps

$1 Off Kashi Hummus Crisps Coupon


Also, there were SEVERAL new Fisher-Price Coupons. Go right to the Category option at the top of the Coupon Page and choose Toys to see what you have. We had 25 toy coupons listed in ours!