Earthbound Farm Coupon – Save on Organic Produce!


The new Earthbound Farm Coupon was posted.

This week, it’s for $1/2 Earthbound Farm Organic Products. Note: It will show being for their avocados but should print as being valid for any of their products.

Remember, some stores still carry the Earthbound Organic Carrots for a little over $1, making a hot deal on Organic produce!

I have become an absolute avocado fanatic lately. I’ve been adding it to a lot of dishes replacing things like salad dressing, mayo, etc. It’s also part of my go-to snack later in the evening. I’ll cut the avocado in half (and use press-n-seal to preserve the other half with the pit still in it in the fridge) and then mash up some cherry tomatoes I’ve picked from my garden to go with it–all of it scooped onto some Wasa Crackers. It seems to get me through the rest of the night without indulging into a much unhealthier snack.