Tanga: Deals on Rubik’s Cube and Green Containers


Here are a few deals on Tanga today, 8/6/13:

They have a Rubik’s Cube event with several MLB and NHL ones discounted to $3.99.

Plan ahead for the holidays!

Thanks, She Saved!


They also have an event with a 20-piece Green Containers Set for $9.99.

Here’s a little about them:

The Magic Fresh Green Containers are made with a natural material which absorbs and removes damaging gases from produce, meats and bread. These edibles release ethylene gases during the natural ripening process. The exposure of fruits and vegetables to these gases will speed up the aging process and deterioration. The Original Magic Fresh Containers helps you to extend the life of all fruits and vegetables by absorbing and removing the ethylene gases. Amazing results!

May come in handy for extending the life of your produce, saving you money!