Pack-It Lunch Coolers Event on Zulily


One of the events on Zulily today, 7/16/13, is for Pack-It Lunch Coolers.

Here’s a little info on them:

With a revolutionary cooling system, PackIt is a go-anywhere mini fridge. It helps you save money by allowing you to bring deliciously cold items wherever you want. A favorite with moms everywhere, it’s even been featured on The Martha Stewart Show. Pack a chicken salad sandwich and fruit lunch in a personal cooler with technology that ensures it stays refrigerator-cold for up to 10 hours. It can also be used for baby bottles, travel or sporting events. This non-toxic, PVC- and lead-free mini-fridge is the ultimate cooling accessory.

There’s also a little video clip on each of the products so you can see how they work.

This might be a great investment so you can send a better variety of foods in with your kids for school lunches!