Heads up on Deals at: Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and Office Max

I took some time yesterday to go out and pick up some school supply deals and I just wanted to share a few things I saw while I was out:


Target had several school items in our dollar bins. Workbooks, flash cards, etc. You may want to take a peek if there’s anything useful there. I pick up items every so often for our “rainy day bucket” for things for the kids to do when they can’t play outside.


Over in the school supplies area, our store had these little flip books again this year. LOVE THESE! I bought some last year and was hoping to catch several on clearance later but they sold out fast. These are great for spelling words! I wrote all my sons sight words on them and left them at the dinner table or in my purse so we could practice them when we had spare time. You can make your own with some colored (or white) 3×5 cards that you cut smaller, a keychain ring with open/close clasp and a 3-hole punch. I was able to find the keychain rings at Hobby Lobby fairly cheap.


Remember you can text FRESH to 827-438 and get a $1 Off a vegetable purchase Target Mobile Coupon. Makes baby carrots just $.12! We picked these up and it was our snack while we were out shopping. It helped keep us full so we wouldn’t need to pick up any fast food while we finished our shopping trips.


Again that code FRESH texted to 827-438 will get you a $1 off a fruit purchase Target Mobile Coupon. You can get 5 bananas for around $.20! Great for a quick snack. There’s also a $1 Off sandwich bread, $1 Off a frozen item and $1 Off $3 or higher up & up item in that bunch of coupons. You could use the $1 Off $3 up and up item coupon for baby wipes (some schools ask for them) or school supplies. You’ll see that brand over in the office supply area, including computer paper!




Our Toys R Us store had lots of outdoor and water items discounted around 50-70% Off. I was able to find a slip n slide for $4.97, which is great timing as the last one we had broke. Also, keep your eye on Amazon.com. They tend to discount water items drastically around this time. Great to use this final month before school starts and keep on hand for next year!


They have the deal again for buy a backpack, get a free lunch kit. I took advantage of this deal a few weeks ago as ours had a nice supply of backpacks then. Last year, I waited too long and there was hardly anything left. So don’t wait long if you want this deal!


Hot deal on crayons for 4 for $1. You can get 2 offers, which means 8 boxes of crayons for $2! Now if you purchase crayons and the weather is scorchingly hot like ours this week, make sure you keep them in a cool place in your vehicle. I put mine in a cooler bag (with no ice) and they did OK, but I wasn’t out too long either. Last year, I had some melt on me before I got home. If that happens, there are several things on Pinterest for ideas for melted crayons!


Thermoses! LOVE these products! We use them all year long for traveling, lunches, field trips, etc. I love that the lid closes so I don’t have to worry about bugs flying in their drinks when we are at the park. TRU has a buy one get one 50% off deal. I watched prices on these last year and they really didn’t discount them too much until the very end of school supplies at Target. And even then, they didn’t drop a whole lot. They also have the soup containers at some TRU stores. Great way to send in some homemade applesauce for a treat in their lunches!



Office Max has their wonderful deal where you end up getting batteries for $.01 after rewards. I always get the max offer on these, especially this time of year. I then turn around and use those rewards for school supply deals, ink, etc.

They also had pencils for $.01 (up to 20) and glue sticks for $.25 but ours was sold out. Not sure if they’ll re-stock or not. But you may want to take a look at the ad and see if there’s anything you might need.


By the time I got to Walmart, I was sick of shopping and ready to go home so I didn’t take any pics.  (I’m sure you can all understand that!) The best deals I saw were glue sticks for $.25, glue bottles for $.50, folders for $.15 and single-subject wide-ruled notebooks for $.17. Our Walmart was out of glue sticks for $.25 BUT I did find 2-pks for $.50. I always pick these up and donate them to our school. The younger kids go through these so fast!!

When you are out school shopping, consider picking up some items on a deal to donate to those less fortunate. It’s one of the best things we as couponers can do with our extra savings…and that’s to help others. Check around your community as several places will have bins to collect items for the needy as far as school supplies.

What kinds of deals have you found when you were out shopping this week?