Zulily: Green Sprouts and Sink Essentials Events

Here are a few new events on Zulily today, 5/10/13:


The Green Sprouts event is back. They have the little containers that a lot of you like for $8.99 for the large set. They also have some in glass. These are great for storing homemade baby food, such as homemade applesauce or sweet potatoes, or for making little yogurt cups in the fridge, etc.

There’s a Wash & Dry: Sink Essentials event with these items:

Compost bin for $17.99. A way to store your food scraps until you can take them out to your compost bin.

Cuispro Foam Pump for $9.99. You can make your own homemade foam soap and store it in this.

Remember, after you place your first order on the weekend, you’ll get free shipping on all other orders through Sunday.