Recyclebank: Earn 40 More Points!


You can earn another fairly quick 40 Points via Recyclebank when you take a quiz. Here’s how to find it:

1) Log-in to Recyclebank. If you haven’t joined, it’s free to sign-up.
2) Go to the “Earn Points” tab.
3) Scroll down and look on the left side for the “Earn Greens” listed in the sidebar and click on “Earn Now.” It will look like this:


4) Take the 4-question quiz and you’ll earn 10 points with each one answered/pledged.

Thanks, Money Saving Maine-ac!


I’ve been saving my points for that $5 Amazon Gift Card that you can get at 1,750 points that I’ll use towards some household items or Organic products. It doesn’t take too long for the points to add up as they offer new point-earning options quite often.