Disney Movie Rewards: Starbucks Gift Card Option


For those of you saving up Disney Movie Rewards, I just wanted to let you know that they have an option for cashing in 500 Points for a $5 Starbucks Gift Card.

Just thought I’d share in case you wanted to grab the option while it’s there.

While I’m not much of a coffee drinker, I do love their Passion Tea and Hot Chocolate. (and sometimes those baked goods in the display case!)


Also, I wanted to mention that if you didn’t check the DMR newsletter this month, make sure that you look for it (sign-up for it) and grab those “mystery points.” I was given 6 points again.

Just saving up newsletter points and grabbing free codes throughout the year is usually enough to cash-in for at least one freebie, usually more. So if you aren’t collecting them, you may want to start. I post them whenever I find them.

Other ways of earning gift cards:

~Recycle Bank

I save gift cards that I earn through programs like these, through online credit card points (I do not choose to use a debit card online) and the ones I receive as gifts/payments to try to do a “no-spend month” each year. Some years we have more saved up than others but it’s fun to see how little we can spend during that time.