Costco: Organic and Natural Products Price List


If you have a Costco near you but haven’t checked it out and were interested what they might carry as far as Organic/Natural items, The Thrifty Mama has been compiling a list of Organic/Natural items that she has found at her location.

You might find some items on the list that you didn’t know your store carried. It can be hard to look at everything at times because it can get very busy in there!

Now, keep in mind that inventory varies by location and throughout the year. So your store may not carry the exact same things on the list.

I have seen Organic Chicken and Beef at ours, usually sold in 3lb packs. So if your regular grocery stores don’t sell them, you might want to check there.

Our membership costs around $55 a year. (Avg $4.58 a month) I’ve found that they do have enough items to make it worth the membership *for us* so far.

Now keep in mind that just because it’s sold there, it doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. Only buy things you’ll use before the expiration date and that fit within your budget. Always keep in mind how much space the large quantity items will take up, as well. You don’t want them to take away space from deals you can get elsewhere.

What kinds of things do you find the best deals on at Costco?

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  1. Vicky K. says

    I love Costco! We do the bulk of our shopping there. I purchase Horizon Organic Half and Half every two weeks. It comes in a quart and costs us a little over $4. You cannot purchase a quart of half and half at the store for that, not to mention organic. Plus I always purchase their individually wrapped organic apples. They are great for school lunches. One Mom told me her son estimated the cost of the apples per pound and it came to a little over $1 a pound.

    One thing about membership. If you join the Executive Membership and pay the $100 fee – you will pay that one year only! This membership gives 2% cash back in Costco dollars at the end of the year toward what you have spent. Our Costco guaranteed us that if we didn’t get $50 back when our membership renewal form came, they would match it. That was a $50 discount on our membership the following year plus the Executive Membership offers other benefits. Our renewal is coming due and this year our renewal will costs us less than $25. Well worth it.

  2. coupongeek says

    I forgot they sold Half & Half there. Another item to check out next time. I’ll have to see if ours has the apples, too!

    Thank you for the tips on the items and the membership, Vicky!


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