Cinemark Coupon – Facebook Offer


The latest Cinemark Coupon was posted on their Facebook Page. This week, it’s $1 Off Candy wyb any Coca-Cola Fountain or Frozen Drink.

Coupon is valid through 3/6/13.

While a trip to the movies can often be expensive, here are a few ways to save:

1) Watch deal sites like Groupon as they sometimes offer savings on movie tickets.

2) Go to an earlier showing as the prices are usually less expensive.

3) Eat before you go. This can help reduce the desire for some refreshments, which can get costly.

4) Search online to see if there’s a “dollar theater” near you. We have one not too far from us that only charges around $1.50 a movie. It’s in the Cinemark chain and we can use coupons, like this one, there, as well. They tend to show movies that are a few months old but it still makes for a fun outing. Also, look for a drive-in theater near you (when the weather is appropriate). They can often have lower prices and you usually get to see two movies for that price.

5) Ask for movie tickets for presents for things such as birthdays, Mother’s/Father’s Days, Christmas, etc. Opt to put a little less of candy in your kid’s Easter basket and add a movie ticket instead.

6) Ask around as there are usually places that sell movie tickets at a lower price in your area. Sometimes they can be sold in bulk at places like Costco – see if your friends are willing to split the cost with you and split up the packs.

Remember, you can always wait until the movies come out on Redbox and make a fun theater-like experience at home for a lot less. (We’ve done this for an at-home-concert night, too, and the kids had fun!) Libraries sometimes get newer movie releases and often don’t charge for rentals, as well.

In what ways do you save on a movie theater outing?