Zulily: Quick-Fix Meals Collection, Asics and Neatnix Events

There are some great events on Zulily today, 1/4/12. What’s great is if you place an order today, you’ll get free shipping on all other orders through 11:59PM on Sunday, 1/6/12. Here are a few things that I saw:

In the Quick-Fix Meals Collection:

Microwave Apple Cooker for $12.99. Comes with two cookers and a corer. You can make a quick apple dessert with it. Come in black, green or red.


Mastrad Steam Cooker for $9.99. This is a great way to get cooked veggies on the table. I love using microwave steamers. My veggies are cooking while I’m getting together the rest of the meal.

Sectioned steam cooker for $12.99. You might be able to cook your full meal right in it. Might be something to consider if you often buy frozen lunch meals.

Glorious One-Pot Meals Book for $11.49. I have this book and I’ve made a few recipes in it so far. It’s nice to not need several pans for one meal.

Microwave S’mores maker for just $6.99. You can turn it into a gift by finding great deals on marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. We use this for our “indoor camping” parties. Drag some sleeping bags down to your family room. Cook up some hot dogs. Microwave some S’mores. And play a little flashlight tag for an inexpensive fun family night, indoors!

In the Neatnix Collection:

Several organizing tools, like this stuff bucket for $9.99. (Comes in different sizes/prices.) I have a bag like this will all the pockets around it that I keep near our dining room table. I keep activity books and paper in it for the kids, along with scissors, crayons, pencils, glue, etc. I pull it out when I’m cooking dinner or when I need them to stay occupied near me. They used it the other day and had fun while I updated our 2013 calendar. Love having one of these! I think I found mine at Hobby Lobby. You could check there and use one of their 40% Off Hobby Lobby Coupons if you find one.

In the Amco Event:
A recipe divider wheel for $7.99. Comes in handy when you want to divide a recipe and don’t have time to do the math yourself. Several kitchen gadgets in that event. Peelers, strainers, meat tenderizers, etc.

In the Asics Events:

There’s also an Asics event for Kids and one for Men/Women. Prices vary by shoe style.