Zulily: Lunch Collection, Nathan Hydration Items and Nutrition and Fitness Event

Here are a few new events on Zulily today, 1/18/13. The great thing about ordering from them on Friday is after your first order, you get Free Shipping until midnight PT on Sunday.

There are Bynto Trays in the “Bring Your Own Lunch Event” This one pictured is $6.99. We save a lot of money each month by taking our own lunches into work and for school.


Several Hydration items in the Nathan event, such as this Hydration Backpack for $29.99 from $55. Might come in handy if one of your resolutions is to run in a long race this year.


This Big Boss 15-Piece Blender System is in the Nutrition and Fitness Collection for $34.99, down from $60.