Shopping Warriors: My Shopping Trips So Far This Year

Here are a few shopping trips I made this week. Last week, I only spent $27.46 (after tax and milk deposit fees) at our dairy store for Organic milk and Organic ice cream, which I picked up at the end of the week so we have a lot leftover. The rest of the week, we lived off my stockpile, including Organic meats, veggies, eggs and fruit from a CSA I was in that just ended at the end of December.



~1 Gallon of Milk – On sale for $2.99. Used $1 Off Coupon from machine, Earned $1 in ECBs
~4 boxes of Flintstones Multivitamins – Used (4)- $2 Off Flintstones Vitamin Coupons from 1/6/13 insert. B1G1 50% Off sale. Earned $6 ECBs
~4 Good n Natural Bars – Used (4) Free Coupons from 1/6/13 insert.
~1  bottle of lotion – Used Free CVS Coupon.

FINAL PRICE = $16.10 after tax. Earned $7 in ECBs to use on a future purchase. For reference, just one box of vitamins is $8.99 here and that’s basically what I paid for the whole trip. I’m stocked up on kid’s vitamins for awhile now. I normally buy Organic milk but for $.99 for a gallon, I’ll take the savings and use it for my baking needs.

Remember to include tax in your deals. It’s what you truly pay out-of-pocket. (OOP).

Check with your store as some CVS locations will take CVS Store Coupons 1 month past expiration date. I’m lucky enough that a few of ours do that. A few of the items I wanted weren’t in-stock. I completely forgot to ask to see if I could get a raincheck. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to CVS only because I was stocked up on everything for so long. Time to start building it back up again! I’ll have $7 in ECBs to use later this month.


Two Local Grocery Stores
~4 Yoplait Yogurts (on sale)
~1 Oberweis Yogurt
~1 package of strawberries (completely a splurge for my daughter as it wasn’t on sale!)
~2 bags of Organic Baby Carrots – on sale
~1 bag of Organic Potatoes
~1 bag of Organic Onions (neither a deal. just depleted of stock)
~Aunt Millie’s Wheat Bread
~Salsa (on sale for $.99)
~Avocado (on sale)
~1.5 lbs of bananas
~2.5 lbs of grapes (on sale)
~2 packages of  Kraft Shredded Cheese
~2 packages of Kraft Cubed Cheese (both on sale for 2/$5 but not the cheapest deal. Needed them for meals/party.)
~2 packages of Taco Shells (on sale)
~1 Large container of Cottage Cheese (on sale)
~1 lb of Deli Turkey Breast Lunchmeat – great for quick lunches! (on sale and $.75 off coupon)
~8 Lean Cuisine Meals – Used (2) Buy 3 Get 1 Free Coupons. (no longer available). Sale price of 7 for $10. Earning codes towards free lunch bag.
~2 Welch’s Natural Grape Jelly – Used store coupon to get them for $.79 each.
~1 Skippy Peanut Butter – on sale for $1.49 after store coupon
~1 package of Hot Chocolate Cupcakes (saving for our “Camp-In” night)

FINAL PRICE = $70.66 after tax. I added a few staples to my stockpile (Organic onions and potatoes) and have a few items ready for my son’s birthday party (cheese cubes and cupcakes.)

Total for this week’s trips plus last week’s dairy store trip: $114.22. (around $57.11 a week as I probably won’t do any more trips this week.)

I paired these items with more Organic veggies and meats that I had in my stockpile. I don’t normally buy processed meals but I wanted something quick, but still a little healthier, as I have a full month of things on my to-do list to get done.

I usually buy a few more Organic items but these were all the stores had. The Whole Foods I go to is a drive and I usually go there when they have their big sales or when I can turn it into a full day’s worth of shopping to allot for the gas it costs me. This is just one of the Ways to Save on Gas.

If you are looking for store trips that come to $5 and have tons of “food” you won’t see me posting those. Typically those trips revolve around a lot of processed foods and I’m trying to avoid those. I do my best to stick to as many Organic and healthier products as I can. I do pick up some non-Organic foods from time-to-time to help keep within my monthly food budget, as you can see from these trips.

I’ll keep showing you some of my trips as time allows.