Lean Cuisine: Free Bag Offer with Purchases


Lean Cuisine is offering a Free Culinary Couture Lunch Tote when you submit 20 NEW codes online from 1/3 – 3/31/13 at their “Delicious Rewards” section.

You’ll see these on sale at most stores now or soon. If you have a Jewel near you, they are 5 for $10 this week. One of my smaller store chains by me has them for 7 for $10 as a special 4-day promo. So make sure you check your ads for the best price.

NOTE: If you tear off your boxes to enter the codes later, be sure to jot down what you bought as they’ll ask for the name of the entree (from a dropdown box) when you enter your code.

I’ve yet to find a coupon for these so if you see a valid one, please let me know so I can update the post!