SavingStar: Deal on Beechnut Products

One of the eCoupon options on SavingStar is to save $5 on $20 in Beechnut Baby and Toddler Products. You have until 12/31/12 for the deal. You can buy them in one trip or many. But if you are thinking about trying for the deal, make sure you add it to your store’s loyalty card before it’s sold out! You’ll find it in one of the coupons scrolling across the top of their site.

There are several other eCoupons on SavingStar such as Pillsbury, Ziploc, Snyder’s, John Morrell and more!

Saving Star is an eCoupon Program where you add the eCoupons to your store loyalty card. The savings are not taken off at checkout but put into your Saving Star account. Once you reach $5, you can opt for a bank deposit, Paypal Credit or $5 Amazon Gift Card. I love using them because they sometimes have coupons other places don’t and I like to watch my savings add up throughout the year. It’s free to join, if you haven’t already.

I just recently turned mine in for a $16.95 Amazon Gift Card and received it right away. You can cash in sooner at just $5, though.

You might be able to turn your savings into an Amazon gift card which you could use to buy a holiday gift! I think it would be fun to say, “I bought that gift because of using coupons!!”