Giveaway: $10 Walmart eGift Card – Annual Quarter of Kindness Giveaway – 17 Winners!

This giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

Back in 2009, a small act of kindness from a stranger on a day that I truly needed it sparked me to vow that each year that Coupon Geek is up and running, I would do a “Quarter of Kindness” giveaway on the site in a hope to spark my readers to give truly from their hearts and help those in need. This will be the fourth year that I’ve done this giveaway. Here’s the story that triggered it:

It was an incredibly cold day and I was shopping with my two very young kids, as I could no longer put off buying groceries. I had stopped at Aldi in hopes of saving some money on our grocery budget. As I was walking towards the carts to put in the quarter deposit, a kind older woman handed me hers and when I offered her my quarter, she smiled so sweetly and said, “Merry Christmas” and walked away without taking it. Something so simple truly made my day. And I want to take that simple quarter, and stretch that kindness annually.

So while the 17 winners of this giveaway will receive a $10 Walmart eGift Card—they are not allowed to spend it on themselves, but on someone in need. It can be anyone they choose, from a charity, food bank, neighbor, friend/family member that’s down on their luck, etc. This is just my way of helping my readers make someone’s day, just like mine was years ago.

Please remember when you go about your day, be it during the holiday season or any day, that you must never underestimate the power of a simple act of kindness. That woman’s simple quarter gesture has already turned into so much more than she ever would have expected–and I am going to make sure that it grows each year, so I’ve added more winners to a total of 17 this year!

Here’s How to Enter:

NOTE: Beneath this posting is the word “Comments.” This is where you’ll put your entries. Only entries on this posting will be counted.

1) To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment letting me know what would you do with your $10 Walmart eGift Card. Remember, if you win, it must be used on someone else.

After that, here are other ways to enter: (Please, make sure that you submit extra comments if you do these.)

2) “Like” Coupon Geek on Facebook or Follow me on Twitter and leave a separate comment letting me know you have done this. If you are already following , thank you and make sure you leave a 2nd comment letting me know.

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Entry is open to US residents only through NOON CST on Sunday, December 16, 2012. There is a total of four entries allowed per person. Winner will be chosen using a giveaway service and contacted by email. If you’re the winner, you’ll have only 24 hours to respond or an alternate will be chosen.

Good luck to all of you who enter!

This giveaway is sponsored solely by Coupon Geek as a way to help my readers help someone in need, even just to brighten their day.

Important Note: All comments are moderated so there will be a delay from when you post your comment until it’s visible under the giveaway. If you are reading this via Email Newsletter, you’ll need to come to the site in order to be able to enter as that’s where the comments field is located and hosted.

Thank you for stopping by Coupon Geek! I value my readers and their advice, tips and comments. Please remember that Coupon Geek is a positive, family-friendly and upbeat site when leaving your comments.


  1. Telina says

    I will be using it for my sister whose divorce will be final tomorrow and is a mother of three young children.

  2. jessica says

    I would take the 10$ and use it to buy something for a child off of the salvation army giving tree at my local mcdonalds.

  3. Dave says

    I would use it towards my sister’s christmas gift–she needs a new coffee maker, and who can live without coffee?

  4. Laure says

    I would use it to send something to a young woman who has been homeless, is still struggling, and lives far away from me. She could use a small extra kindness.

  5. cristin a says

    What a nice gesture! Hopefully some day I can do something like this! If I won the Walmart gift I would give it to a family in my daughters kindergarten class. There is a little girl that is so sweet and you know she is loved but the soles of her shoes are falling off and the zipper on her coat is broken and I know her parents cant afford to replace these things. I have been trying to think if a way to give them something without making them feel uncomfortable and I think this would be wonderful!

  6. Tina says

    I would use it to buy something nice for my mom. She does so much for us and we never have anything to do for her.

  7. Sue L says

    I would give it to my sister in another state to buy some extra goodies for her Christmas dinner. Her family has had such a hard time this year and I know that the small job that she has barely covers her basic bills.

  8. Tracey G says

    I would give it to a family at our church. She is a single mom and can’t afford to buy her kids Christmas presents!

  9. Vicki N says

    I would use it to get my grandparents a few goodies-maybe a movie and popcorn. They always do so much for everyone else.

  10. Becky says

    A nurse I know is dieing and had to quit her job. She has two kids and they could use a christmas gift.

  11. Michelle W says

    There is a family at church with a single mom and one son. They struggle to make ends meet. Today their car broke down and he had to walk 3 miles to get to school…. and today is his birthday. I would use this gift card and throw in money of my own to help him have a better Christmas than his birthday was. Thank you

  12. Jennifer Marie says

    I would give it to my mother as she has been out of a job for over a year. Even this would help her with groceries.

  13. April McLimore says

    My brother mentors a teenager who gets in to trouble alot my brother trys to keep him out of trouble, and if I won the ecard I’d get the teenager somthing nice for christmas.

  14. Christy Anderson says

    I would give this to the family of a little boy who just lost his dad from the school I work.

  15. Joyce says

    I would use it for a very nice family that lives next door. Both are out of work and struggling to pay their bills. They have a 2 week old baby. I use coupons to purchase as much as I can to share with them.

  16. Jessica says

    I am adopting thefamily of a woman who left an abusive relationship, this would help with an extra gift or two!

  17. Nicole says

    I will give this to my mom whom has has one of the worst years in a long time, she’s had several unexpected expenses to cover this year.

  18. Lori S says

    My couponing friend met a woman who walks 2 miles each way to pick up her child from school. They have no electricity and her husband just lost his job. I would give it to her. I gave her some food but would love to give more.


  19. Emilie says

    I would use it for a random act of kindness … I think I would think and pray about it and find the perfect opportunity. Probably ask my kids for input – they love to give to others. (wish my heart was as big as theirs.

  20. Vivian Bevins says

    I would give my gift card to an eight year old in my Sunday School class. We were talking about what each one wanted for Christmas, with tears in her eyes,she said, “I don’t want anything”.

  21. Tracy Harper says

    I would gift this to my sister who is having a tough time financially right now. She could use it to get some little things for her 2 girls.

  22. says

    I am a foster parent and have had 4 teens boys in my house ( aside from my own 4 Bio children) ( I have one now) they come to me w a duffle bag. I try to get quality clothes that make they fit in . This would be a nice gift for dareis

  23. Diane says

    I would send to my sister in S.C. to buy more thread for her projects to make gifts for the elderly and people in need.

  24. pauline says

    I would use it to buy a gift for the adopt a family program at work, where you buy things to donate to families in need.

  25. larry yates says

    i would buy my three dogs toys and treats, we lost one of our dogs we had for over ten years a few month ago, this would be a tribute to her, she was a good friend and dog, we miss her, this will be our first christmas in a long time without her, her name was pal, we would give our dogs a good christmas. they deserve it.

  26. Michele says

    I would donate the gift card to the local animal shelter to buy toys for the animals in the shelter.

  27. Rebecca B says

    I have a friend that only has $20 to give her son Christmas and no hope of getting more – I’d give it to her.

  28. michelle baldridge says

    I would buy something for my coworker. As a single mother, she will not get anything for Christmas. So, a gift just for her would be nice!!

  29. Joy Browning says

    I would give it my sister as she has not been able to find work for 3 years and they may lose there house in Febuary.

  30. Michele says

    I am shopping for a family with several small children, a “surprise” little one due in a couple of weeks, and dad out of work for two months. They are starting over with this baby, and I would use it toward a stroller.

  31. says

    I would give it to my daughter, who has a special needs 2 1/2 year old son, and is expecting a new baby boy in the next 2 months. Her son’s special needs and her pregnancy make it nearly impossible to have a job, she has no car, and needs all the help she can get. If I don’t give it to her, I would give it to my son, who was just laid off from his job yesterday – and also has a baby coming in the next month.

  32. nova c. says

    I would give it to my daughter to use for gas. She works two jobs to make ends meet and this would be a little extra help for her!

  33. Nancy P says

    I would donate the gift card to our Christmas family… The mom is 21, has a 3 year old son, and has custody of her 4 younger siblings…

  34. Carol Rutz says

    I try to help out others as much as I can, if I were to win this I have a local family I sponsor for the holidays and this would allow them to feel as if they were able to give back to their family on their own

  35. Lori G says

    I would use it on my neighbor. She has been so kind since we moved next door one year ago. We relocated so my husband could start a new job, which is commision based, we also have four small children. She asks us to do odd jobs for her and when we do she always over pays us – she knows we need the help. I would love to buy her something special for the holidays to say thank you:)

  36. Melissa A. says

    I would buy a present for my sister in laws daughter. They are having financial struggles right now.

  37. Dawn Cantrell says

    I would give it to my brother who works two jobs to make ends meet and always offers to help those in need.

  38. Juli says

    I would give to my out of work and very sick sister to be able to buy medicine and special needs items that she needs so desperately.

  39. Debra G says

    I would buy groceries for my 89 year old mother who still lives alone. I would use coupons and sales to stretch the $10.00 further.

  40. Jessica To says

    I would buy a fruit tray for my co-workers. It has been a trying time at work and they deserve something to refresh them.

  41. maryann says

    I would use the $10 gift card for my daughter-in-law’s parents, who are having a difficult time making ends meet. We have been helping them all year with food & other household items. I know they would greatly appreciate it.
    I love your website. Keep up the great work!!

  42. says

    I would donate it to our local Toys For Tots campaign. I have given as many toys as I can, so an extra donation would be welcome, there is such a need.

  43. says

    I’ve been unemployed for over a year, but by using your site and others, I’ve been able to pinch my pennies. So, I picked a “wish” for a little boy, off of a Wish Tree at the mall and he has asked for a bike. If I won the $10 gift card, I’d use it to help me purchase him a 12″ bike from Walmart for $29.99. With the $10 I’ll save, I’ll be able to buy him a few extras he won’t expect. Thank you for your consideration.

  44. l bryant says

    email subscriber. Thanks for helping me stay on task tobe in a better financial position. Merry Christmas!

  45. chantal cooper says

    I’d put it towards a gift for my mom – probably flowers

    chantal cooper
    chantalgiardina (at) yahoo (dot) com

  46. Mark myslinski says

    I will spend it on my aunt Mary, who is unemployed as is her husband. Her two sons live with her and her third son passed away in a car accident.

  47. Annie says

    What a wonderful Giveaway. A family near by recently had a fire and lost everything. Then what little was salvageable was stolen by thieves. I know times are hard for everyone but this is just so sad especailly for the children ages 4 and 6. If I were to win I would match the 10.00 and purchase something for each child.

    May each of us have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.


  48. Chelsea r says

    I would use it to help pay for Christmas gifts for my family. We are not doing a big Christmas this year, money is very tight. This would help our budget.