Amazon: Deal on CuddleUppets

Amazon has some of the CuddleUppets marked down. Keep in mind that prices flip fast on Amazon:

(Note: These regularly sell for $19.99)

CuddleUppets Pink Poodle for $9.99.

CuddleUppets Yellow Dog for $12.99.

And here are a few of the other ones, though they aren’t as cheap:

CuddleUppets Green Crocodile for $14.81.

Cuddleuppets Pink Ladybug for $15.19.

CuddleUppets Purple Monkey for $15.49.

Cuddleuppets Unicorn for $15.19.

Note: They also make an elephant and a brown bear but the prices were either too high or they were out-of-stock for me to post.

Haven’t heard of these? You can watch the jingly commercial showing how they are both a blanket and a puppet.