Seasonal Savings: What’s in Season for October?

A great way to save money is to take advantage of seasonal savings. Time to take a look at what’s in season for your area for October. Be sure to check the What’s in Season Map to see what items you possibly save money on.  In-season items also tend to be the freshest. I often buy up extra in-season items to freeze for when the prices are higher. Several items freeze easily and can store flat in a Ziploc-type bag in your freezer.

Here’s what’s in Season for Illinois: (Check the map for your area)

asian pears
sweet potatoes

These are just some of the things you might see at a discounted price in the grocery stores and what you might find at most farmer’s markets right now. If you haven’t been to a farmer’s market yet, you can use Local Harvest to see if there’s one near you. Some of my favorite things to pick up at ours are eggs, honey, in-season veggies and Organic meats.

Also, don’t forget that some Farmer’s Markets offer free activities/crafts for the kids–and sometimes free music. Ours has free music in the afternoon. We’ll pick up some fresh food and then sit and enjoy some free entertainment. It can be a great way to spend time with your family, do some free activities and enjoy some free music. I love that my kids are growing up meeting the people that grow some of our food.

If you have your own gardens, don’t forget to check to see if it’s time to plant some garlic for next year! They are incredibly easy to grow and such a nice thing to have on hand to add flavor to your meals. With pumpkins and sweet potatoes being in season, you can cook some of these up, mash them and freeze them for a quick veggie side dish or even for having on hand to sneak into your baked goods like flavored breads, cupcakes, etc.

You should also be finding lots of varieties of squash in season. I found a great Acorn Squash Soup Recipe that my family loves–even those that didn’t normally like squash, loved this soup! Double your batch and then freeze the leftovers in small portions so you can pull them out for a quick lunch later.

What have you been finding seasonal savings on right now? (And it doesn’t have to be just food!)