24 Hour Giveaway: $30 Walmart eGift Card – 2 Winners!

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UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

With just a few days until Halloween, some of you still may be shopping for Halloween candy, costumes and getting ready for a Halloween party you may be hosting. Walmart is hosting a “Nestle Fall Favorites” link on their site that might just help you out with some of these things.

They have several links to recipes for those fall flavors you may want to bake/cook with such as caramel, pumpkin, mint and chocolate. You can visit the site and click on the categories to find things such as pumpkin chocolate brownies, chocolate peppermint wafers, chocolate chip cookie brittle, nutty nougat caramel bites and more!

There’s also a link for a Free Bag of Nestle Fun Size Candy when you buy 4 Tombstone Pizzas coupon. This is a great way to keep some quick meals on hand for the holidays and save on Halloween expenses! (Click on the “No Trick Treats” and either plate of candy on the site for that coupon!)

Lunchbox, Walmart and Nestle want to help my readers save on Halloween Candy/Costumes this year by offering a $30 Walmart eGift Card to the two lucky winners of this very quick giveaway. Since the prize is an eGift Card, you’ll be able to use it right away if you win!


NOTE: Beneath this posting is the word “Comments.” This is where you’ll put your entries. Only entries on this posting will be counted.

1) To enter the giveaway, leave me a comment on this posting letting me know what your kids (or you!) are dressing up as for Halloween?

After that, here are other ways to enter: (Please, make sure that you submit extra comments if you do these.)

2) Visit the Nestle Fall Favorites website and come back and leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite recipe that they have?

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Entry is open to US residents only through 10:00 AM CST on Sunday, October 28th, 2012. There is a total of five entries allowed per person. Winner will be chosen using a giveaway service and contacted by email. If you’re the winner, you’ll have only 24 hours to respond or an alternate will be chosen.

Good luck to all of you who enter!

A special thank you to Lunchbox, Walmart and Nestle for the e-gift cards for the lucky readers that win this giveaway. I only provide honest reviews and let my sponsors know this before accepting any offers. All opinions are my own.

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UPDATE: This giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced soon!

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  1. Chenoa Sowa says

    I visited the Nestle Fall Favorites website and love the idea of Pumpkin Chocolate Brownies. Yum!

  2. ginger riggs says

    My grandkids are going as a 2 yrs old vampire, a 4 yr old katy perry and a 5 yr old sassy witch. How cute is that!!

  3. Joan says

    My child is going to be a black cat again – no money for a new costume. Poor kid has been a black cat for … 5 years now? LOL … but she doesn’t mind, and she is such a cute black cat!

  4. Tenisha Cretel says

    Hi my daughter is dressing up as a fairy and my son is going trick or treating as a clown.

  5. Lindsey says

    My favorite recipe from Nestle’s Fall Favorites is the Peppermint Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies! :)

  6. Laura R says

    My kids are older, so they choose their own costumes without my help…well, they might ask for assistance in finding the right articles of clothing for it! LOL I believe my son is going as a character from the Walking Dead. Joy! lol I don’t think my daughter has decided yet.

  7. Laura R says

    The Pumpkin Chocolate Brownies sound yummy! My family is in love with pumpkin chocolate anything! I will definitely try this recipe!

  8. Tabathia B says

    My daughter is dressing up as izzy from jake and the neverland pirates

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  9. Candice C. says

    I don’t have any kids and I will be wearing a fun Halloween t-shirt and spider earrings to the university since I’ve got a grad seminar class that afternoon. This e-gift card would help me buy candy to hand out to the kiddos/donate to local events. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Linda Spence says

    I already follow Coupon Geek on Facebook. There are so many great deals that I would never ever even know about if I didn’t have Coupon Geek!

  11. CherylS22 says

    I have no children at home & I’m not going to dress up on Halloween (no party to go to!)
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Laura Young says

    leave me a comment on this posting letting me know what your kids (or you!) are dressing up as for Halloween? Dracula and a witch!

  13. Laura Young says

    Visit the Nestle Fall Favorites website and come back and leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite recipe that they have? chocolate chip caramel nut bars sound yum

  14. Dani Bauer says

    I’m going to be the crazy cat lady for Halloween! ……oh wait….I’m that everyday! lol

  15. robin says

    my son is dressing up as a pirate…hope he finds some treasure!! I’m handing out candy this year…going to punk up the hair and enjoy seeing the neighborhood kids

  16. Nancy says

    I don’t dress up in a Halloween costume, but I do have 2 Halloween themed shirts that I wear for a few days before Halloween.

  17. Jennifer T. says

    My daughter is dressing up as a “nice” witch and my son is going to be Superman.

  18. sarah buki says

    i made my boys matching puppy costumes… very adorable with fuzzy sweatshirts from walmart!

  19. Jennifer T. says

    I’m a facebook fan of Coupon Geek under username Jennie Tilson.

  20. Mary says

    My kids are dressing up as a knight and a ghoul. They have been asking every day for a week already when trick or treating is!!

  21. Lori G says

    My 10 yr old – a magician, my 8 yr old – a hula girl, my 6 yr old – a jail breaker and my 4 yr old – a superhero (Captain Awesome)!

  22. Donna says

    My boys are going at Jake from the Neverland Pirates, Captain Jack Sparrow and my daughter is Tinkerbell. :)

  23. Devona Fryer says

    My son is going to be a detective and my daughter is going to be a punk rocker with pink hair from the 80’s! Better get the hairspray out!!!

  24. Andrea D. says

    My kids are dressing up as a Fairy Princess, Ballerina Princess and as a Vikings Football Player. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  25. Liz I. says

    my boys are being a monkey and a nurse (I’m 9 months pregnant and going to hope I just have enough energy to take them trick or treating! :)

  26. Linda B says

    My grandaughter is dressing up as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz complete with the ruby slippers.

  27. Janice K. says

    We have a couple of things going one…Knights, Zombie Bride and Taylor Swift (my son, oh my!)

  28. Carrie D says

    My 1 yr old girl is going to be a pink Cheetah. I got the handmade costume free and she has some shoes to match. A blushed nose and eyeliner made whiskers will complete the outfit.

  29. Reema says

    I’ll be dressed in my work clothes, because I’m working all day, and it’s gonna be a long one :(

  30. Sunnie says

    My niece and girls are going as something from last year, one nephew is a scare crow and I dont know about the other one.

  31. Eliece says

    My son is dressing in a morph suit so not quite sure who he’s trying to be and my daughter is going to be a One Direction fan.

  32. pam n says

    I am going to put on a pair of old Lacy curtains. And some long pearls and white makeup….an old Victorian ghost…

  33. Katie says

    Our whole family is going as hippies and our one year old daughter is practicing her peace sign 😉

  34. Nora O says

    We will have a cowboy, a pumpkin, an “old guy”, a cat, and a clown in our house this Halloween.

  35. Zene says

    The kids are going to be spider man and a lumber jack, unless its raining, then they are going as matching fire men in their rain jackets

    spottedjagiwar at yahoo dot com

  36. Brandon daugherty says

    I am not dressing up this year, but I will be dressed. my son is a knight (in shining armour), his twin sister is a snow fairy, and their younger sister is a butterfly.

  37. says

    My family is doing a Peter Pan theme: I’m Wendy, My husband is Smee, then my daughter is Tinker Bell, and my 4 sons are Captain Hook, Peter Pan, Jake the Neverland Pirate, and Tick Tock the crocodile! Can’t wait!!

  38. Jennifer K says

    My oldest daughter is going to be a nerd, youngest daughter a pumpkin and my 12 year old son is too cool for Halloween this year:)


    I am dressing up as a scarcrow, boys are Lugi and grim reaper what a combo right? lol

  40. Lindsey says

    My son is Spiderman! My husband is Rapheal, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and I’m a friendly witch!

  41. Ashley P says

    I liked the chocolate chip caramel nut bars! Think I’ll actually make them for our office potluck!

  42. Stefanie ecuyer says

    My two boys, along with all of their friends in the neighborhood, are dressing up as gangsters from the old days.

  43. Amanda says

    Not dressing up this year…but pregnant with my first, so hopefully I’ll get some good ideas between now and next year for the little one on the way :)

  44. Lana says

    Hubby will be an ugly ol’ man with fake rotten teeth! He does it every year and scares the Trick-or-Treaters when he opens the door to give them their treats!