Vistaprint: Deal on Personal and Regular Business Cards

Vistaprint is offering a deal for 100 Mommy/Personal Cards for $5 Shipped! These are nice to keep on hand to pass out at the playground, school events, etc.

I even saw an idea on Vistaprint to use them as Wedding Placecards like below:

Or a Wedding Save the Date Card:

Or turn it into a tag/card to attach to all those yummy holiday goodies you make:

They also have a Free 250 Business Cards deal (different link!) where you just pay shipping fees. It costs around $7.09.

Here is an idea of how you can use these cards—for keeping track of spelling words! Instead of filling out info on the business/Mommy cards, you should be able to order them blank, with just the design. (Just click on each field to clear out the info.) Here are a few designs I saw in the business cards: (Important: You’d order the cards blank and then just write the words on them.) Now keep in mind, the Mommy Cards have different designs so you may not find these there, but only under the Business Cards Offer.

Why not make spelling words fun by adding them to cupcake cards. You can also use the cards as place-markers for a tea party. Or keep a few set aside for a special treat coupon. Imagine their surprise when they open up their binders (see below) and find they’ve earned a free treat reward!

A great design for a car-lover. You can also use them to have a “car show” with their hot wheels by writing the car model on them.

This one is great design for those intrigued with tools!

Places like Walmart sell business card pages where you can add 20 cards per page. (10 on each side) These are 3-holed sheets so you can easily keep them in a binder. With all the school supplies clearance sales going on, you should be able to grab a 3-ringed binder fairly cheap. This is a great way to keep the spelling words, sight words, book words, etc. all in one place and easily transportable so you can practice on-the-go.

I’m working on teaching my son and daughter how to read right now. When we read a book together and I see them stumbling on a word, I jot it down and then put it on my list for them to practice later. It’s nice to keep all the words in one place.

These are just a few ideas beyond the normal business/Mommy card idea. I’ve ordered from Vistaprint several times and been very happy with their quality of work. It’s actually where I buy all my custom business cards for Coupon Geek!