Target: RedCard Debit Card for 5% Savings and Free Shipping Online

Holiday time is approaching which means that several hot deals are going to be popping up online–and in stores! I was surprised at how many of my friends and family members were unaware that Target has a RedCard Debit Card. Earlier in the year, I finally decided to listen to one of the cashiers when they started talking about signing up for a Target RedCard. While I’m not interested in any credit cards, I learned that they do have a Target RedCard Debit Card that is tied directly to your own existing checking account. There’s no need to open any new accounts as it’s tied right to your current one.

So why would you want one? How about 5% savings on your purchases at Target and the option for free shipping online? Yeah, I was in disbelief. I do quite a bit of shopping there. I had already gotten in the habit of using my own debit card there simply for the reason that if I lose my receipt, they can scan my card and I can still return my items. While I try to be an organized person, I seem to have a knack for misplacing receipts! I try to make a list of what I need to buy in the store and stick to it as much as I can so I don’t overspend with a debit card. (Typically I use cash at stores.)

Since I’ve signed up, I’ve saved quite a bit of money and I’ve been able to take advantage of some hot sales on because of that free shipping option. I’ve actually found that between the 5% savings and free shipping, I’ve even found some better deals than Amazon has had to offer.

Anyway, with the holidays approaching, I just wanted to share this with my readers so that you could have a chance to talk to your store about how to sign-up and get things set-up before the holidays are here. When I signed up, they did need a check to scan in your account info, so you may want to bring your checkbook with you. Just be sure you read all the requirements/exclusions/details, etc. as they may have changed since I signed up. Also, they may be offering a 10% Off your order coupon, still, when you sign-up. They did when I signed-up but I’m not sure if the promotion is still going on or not. You can see the debit card info at this link. There’s a “RedCard” option in their left sidebar–just be sure you are looking at the debit card one.

NOTE: This is NOT a paid or sponsored ad. This is just me wanting to let my readers know about a way I’ve been able to save money at Target. I will also be posting any hot deals I find at Target over the holidays and this is a great way for you to possibly take advantage of them and save on shipping.